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  • We will beat thy head so long, O (bird) of evil qualities, that thou wilt renounce this hypocrisy and nonsense.’
  • بر سرت چندان زنیم ای بد صفات  ** که بگویی ترک شید و ترهات 
  • They (the Jews) are crucifying him (Bilál), his face to the East, and flogging his naked body with a thorny branch. 965
  • پیش مشرق چارمیخش می‌کنند  ** تن برهنه شاخ خارش می‌زنند 
  • The blood is spurting from his body in a hundred places, (whilst) he is crying ‘One!’ and bowing his head (in resignation).
  • از تنش صد جای خون بر می‌جهد  ** او احد می‌گوید و سر می‌نهد 
  • I admonished him often, saying, ‘Keep thy religion hidden, conceal thy secret from the accursed Jews.’
  • پندها دادم که پنهان دار دین  ** سر بپوشان از جهودان لعین 
  • (But) he is a lover: to him the (spiritual) resurrection has come, so that the door of repentance has been shut on him.”
  • عاشق است او را قیامت آمدست  ** تا در توبه برو بسته شدست 
  • Loverhood and repentance or (even) the possibility of patience—this, O (dear) soul, is a very enormous absurdity.
  • عاشقی و توبه یا امکان صبر  ** این محالی باشد ای جان بس سطبر 
  • Repentance is a worm, while Love is like a dragon: repentance is an attribute of Man, while that (other) is an attribute of God. 970
  • توبه کردم و عشق هم‌چون اژدها  ** توبه وصف خلق و آن وصف خدا 
  • Love is (one) of the attributes of God who wants nothing: love for aught besides Him is unreal,
  • عشق ز اوصاف خدای بی‌نیاز  ** عاشقی بر غیر او باشد مجاز 
  • Because that (which is besides Him) is (but) a gilded beauty: its outside is (shining) light, (but) ’tis (like dark) smoke within.
  • زانک آن حسن زراندود آمدست  ** ظاهرش نور اندرون دود آمدست 
  • When the light goes and the smoke becomes visible, at that moment the unreal love is frozen up.
  • چون رود نور و شود پیدا دخان  ** بفسرد عشق مجازی آن زمان