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  • این چنین حسها و ادراکات ما ** قطره‌‌ای باشد در آن نهر صفا
  • Our senses and perceptions, such as they are, are (but) a single drop in that pure river.
  • در نمد دوختن زن عرب سبوی آب باران را و مهر نهادن بر وی از غایت اعتقاد عرب‌‌
  • How the Arab's wife sewed the jug of rain-water in a felt cloth and put a seal on it because of the Arab's utter conviction (that it was a precious gift for the King).
  • مرد گفت آری سبو را سر ببند ** هین که این هدیه ست ما را سودمند 2720
  • “Yes,” said the husband, “stop up the mouth of the jug. Take care, for this is a gift that will bring us profit.
  • در نمد در دوز تو این کوزه را ** تا گشاید شه به هدیه روزه را
  • Sew this jug in felt, that the King may break his fast with our gift,
  • کاین چنین اندر همه آفاق نیست ** جز رحیق و مایه‌‌ی اذواق نیست‌‌
  • For there is no (water) like this in all the world: it is naught but pure wine and the source of pleasures (to the taste).”
  • ز آن که ایشان ز آبهای تلخ و شور ** دایما پر علت‌‌اند و نیم کور
  • (This he said) because they (people like him) are always full of infirmity and half-blind from (drinking) bitter and briny waters.
  • مرغ کآب شور باشد مسکنش ** او چه داند جای آب روشنش‌‌
  • The bird whose dwelling-place is the briny water, how should it know where to find in it the clear (and sweet) water?
  • این که اندر چشمه‌‌ی شور است جات ** تو چه دانی شط و جیحون و فرات‌‌ 2725
  • O thou whose abode is in the briny spring, how shouldst thou know the Shatt and the Jayhún and the Euphrates?
  • ای تو نارسته از این فانی رباط ** تو چه دانی محو و سکر و انبساط
  • O thou who hast not escaped from this fleeting caravanseray (the material world), how shouldst thou know (the meaning of) “self-extinction” and (mystical) “intoxication” and “expansion”?
  • ور بدانی نقلت از اب وز جد است ** پیش تو این نامها چون ابجد است‌‌
  • And if thou knowest, ’tis (by rote, like the knowledge) handed down to thee from father and grandfather: to thee these names are like abjad.
  • ابجد و هوز چه فاش است و پدید ** بر همه طفلان و معنی بس بعید
  • How plain and evident to all children are abjad and hawwaz, and (yet) the real meaning is far away (hard to reach).