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  • آن جوادی که جمادی را بداد ** این خبرها وین امانت وین سداد
  • The Bounteous One who gave to an inanimate thing these informations and this faithfulness and this righteousness,
  • مر جمادی را کند فضلش خبیر ** عاقلان را کرده قهر او ضریر
  • His grace makes an inanimate thing informed, (while) His wrath makes blind the men of understanding.
  • جان و دل را طاقت آن جوش نیست ** با که گویم در جهان یک گوش نیست‌‌
  • Soul and heart cannot endure that ferment: to whom shall I speak? There is not in the world a single ear (capable of apprehension).
  • هر کجا گوشی بد از وی چشم گشت ** هر کجا سنگی بد از وی یشم گشت‌‌ 515
  • Wherever there was an ear, through Him it became an eye; wherever there was a stone, through Him it became a jasper.
  • کیمیا ساز است چه بود کیمیا ** معجزه بخش است چه بود سیمیا
  • He is the Maker of the elixir—what is alchemy (compared with His action)? He is a giver of miracles (to prophets)—what is magic (compared with these miracles)?
  • این ثنا گفتن ز من ترک ثناست ** کین دلیل هستی و هستی خطاست‌‌
  • This uttering of praise (to Him) is (really) the omission of praise on my part, for this (praise) is a proof of (my) being, and being is a sin.
  • پیش هست او بباید نیست بود ** چیست هستی پیش او کور و کبود
  • It behoves (us) to be not-being in the presence of His Being: in His presence what is (our) being? Blind and blue.
  • گر نبودی کور از او بگداختی ** گرمی خورشید را بشناختی‌‌
  • Were it not blind it would have been melted (consumed) by Him: it would have known the heat of (the Divine) sun;
  • ور نبودی او کبود از تعزیت ** کی فسردی همچو یخ این ناحیت‌‌ 520
  • And were it not blue from mourning, how would this region (of phenomenal existence) have (remained) frozen like ice?
  • بیان خسارت وزیر در این مکر
  • Setting forth how the vizier incurred perdition (by engaging) in this plot.
  • همچو شه نادان و غافل بد وزیر ** پنجه می‌‌زد با قدیم ناگزیر
  • The vizier was ignorant and heedless, like the (Jewish) king: he was wrestling with the eternal and inevitable,