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  • دوست همچون زر بلا چون آتش است ** زر خالص در دل آتش خوش است‏
  • A friend is like gold, tribulation is like the fire: the pure gold is glad in the heart of the fire.
  • امتحان کردن خواجه‏ی لقمان زیرکی لقمان را
  • How Luqmán's master tested his sagacity.
  • نه که لقمان را که بنده‏ی پاک بود ** روز و شب در بندگی چالاک بود
  • (Was it) not (the case) that (this happened) to Luqmán, who was a pure (unselfish) slave, and day and night was brisk in service?
  • خواجه‏اش می‏داشتی در کار پیش ** بهترش دیدی ز فرزندان خویش‏
  • His master used to prefer him (to all others) in the work (of service) and deem him better than his own sons,
  • ز انکه لقمان گر چه بنده زاد بود ** خواجه بود و از هوا آزاد بود
  • Because Luqmán, though he was slave-born, was the master (of himself) and was free from sensual desire.
  • گفت شاهی شیخ را اندر سخن ** چیزی از بخشش ز من درخواست کن‏ 1465
  • A certain king said to the Shaykh (spiritual Director) in conversation, “Ask me to bestow some bounty upon thee.”
  • گفت ای شه شرم ناید مر ترا ** که چنین گویی مرا زین برتر آ
  • He answered, “O King, are not you ashamed to say such a thing to me? Come higher!
  • من دو بنده دارم و ایشان حقیر ** و آن دو بر تو حاکمانند و امیر
  • I have two slaves, and they are vile, and those two are rulers and lords over you.”
  • گفت شه آن دو چه‏اند این زلت است ** گفت آن یک خشم و دیگر شهوت است‏
  • Said the King, “What are those two? This is a mistake.” He replied, “The one is anger and the other is lust.”
  • شاه آن دان کاو ز شاهی فارغ است ** بی‏مه و خورشید نورش بازغ است‏
  • Regard as a king him that is unconcerned with kingship, him whose light shines forth without moon or sun.
  • مخزن آن دارد که مخزن ذات اوست ** هستی او دارد که با هستی عدوست‏ 1470
  • (Only) that one whose essence is the treasury (of spiritual truths) possesses the treasury: (only) he that is an enemy to (his own) existence possesses (real) existence.