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  • خواجه‏ی لقمان به ظاهر خواجه‏وش ** در حقیقت بنده، لقمان خواجه‏اش‏
  • Luqmán's master (was) like a master outwardly; in reality he was a slave, and Luqmán was his master.
  • در جهان باژگونه زین بسی است ** در نظرشان گوهری کم از خسی است‏
  • In the topsy-turvy world there is many a one of this (kind): a pearl is less than a straw in their sight.
  • مر بیابان را مفازه نام شد ** نام و رنگی عقلشان را دام شد
  • Every desert has been named mafáza (place of safety): a name and specious form has ensnared their understanding.
  • یک گره را خود معرف جامه است ** در قبا گویند کاو از عامه است‏
  • In the case of one class of people, the dress makes (a man) known: (if he is dressed) in a qabá, they say that he belongs to the vulgar.
  • یک گره را ظاهر سالوس زهد ** نور باید تا بود جاسوس زهد 1475
  • In the case of one class of people (the distinguishing mark is) the hypocritical appearance of asceticism; (but) light is needed, that (any one) may be a spy on asceticism (and detect its true character).
  • نور باید پاک از تقلید و غول ** تا شناسد مرد را بی‏فعل و قول‏
  • Light is needed, (a light) purged of cant and noxiousness, that he may know a man without (the evidence of) deed or word,
  • در رود در قلب او از راه عقل ** نقد او بیند نباشد بند نقل‏
  • And enter into his heart by way of the intellect, and behold his real state and not be confined to tradition.
  • بندگان خاص علام الغیوب ** در جهان جان جواسیس القلوب‏
  • The chosen servants of (God) the Knower of things unseen are, in the spiritual world, the spies on hearts.
  • در درون دل در آید چون خیال ** پیش او مکشوف باشد سر حال‏
  • He (such a one) enters within the heart like a fancy: the mystery of the (real) state is unveiled to him.
  • در تن گنجشک چه بود برگ و ساز ** که شود پوشیده آن بر عقل باز 1480
  • In the body of the sparrow what power and faculty is there that is hidden from the intellect of the falcon?