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  • گاو را داند خدا گوساله‏ای ** خر خریداری و در خور کاله‏ای‏
  • A calf deems the cow God; the ass is eager to buy, and (accordingly) any piece of goods is suitable.
  • من نه گاوم تا که گوساله‏م خرد ** من نه خارم کاشتری از من چرد
  • I am not a cow, that the calf should be fond of me; I am not thistles, that a camel should browse on me.
  • او گمان دارد که با من جور کرد ** بلکه از آیینه‏ی من روفت گرد
  • He (the unbeliever) supposes that he has done me an injury; nay, he has wiped away the dust from my mirror.”
  • تملق کردن دیوانه جالینوس را و ترسیدن جالینوس‏
  • How the madman sought to ingratiate himself with Jálínús (Galen), and how Jálínús was afraid.
  • گفت جالینوس با اصحاب خود ** مر مرا تا آن فلان دارو دهد 2095
  • Jálínús said to his companions, “Let (one of you) give me such-and-such a medicine.”
  • پس بدو گفت آن یکی ای ذو فنون ** این دوا خواهند از بهر جنون‏
  • Then said that person to him, “O master of (many) sciences, this medicine is sought (as a cure) for madness.
  • دور از عقل تو این دیگر مگو ** گفت در من کرد یک دیوانه رو
  • Far be this from thy intellect! Say no more (about it).” He replied, “A madman turned his face to me,
  • ساعتی در روی من خوش بنگرید ** چشمکم زد آستین من درید
  • Looked pleasantly on my face for a while, made little eyes at me, and plucked my sleeve.
  • گر نه جنسیت بدی در من از او ** کی رخ آوردی به من آن زشت رو
  • Had there not been in me congeniality with him, how would that ill-favoured man have turned his face towards me?
  • گر ندیدی جنس خود کی آمدی ** کی به غیر جنس خود را بر زدی‏ 2100
  • Had he not seen (in me) one of his own kind, how should he have approached? How should he have thrown himself upon (attached himself to) one of another kind?”
  • چون دو کس بر هم زند بی‏هیچ شک ** در میانشان هست قدر مشترک‏
  • When two persons come into touch with each other, without any doubt there is something in common between them.