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  • گر گریزانی ز گلشن بی‏گمان ** هست آن نفرت کمال گلستان‏
  • If thou art fleeing from the rose-bed, doubtless that aversion (shown by thee) is (a sign of) the perfection of the rose-garden.
  • غیرت من بر سر تو دور باش ** می‏زند کای خس از اینجا دور باش‏
  • My jealousy (sense of dignity) smites thee on the head with a baton, (warning thee to) keep far away from here, O vile one;
  • ور بیامیزی تو با من ای دنی ** این گمان آید که از کان منی‏ 2115
  • For if, base wretch, thou shouldst mix with me, it will be thought that thou art of my stock.
  • بلبلان را جای می‏زیبد چمن ** مر جعل را در چمین خوشتر وطن‏
  • For nightingales the garden is the proper place; for the beetle the best home is in ordure.”
  • حق مرا چون از پلیدی پاک داشت ** چون سزد بر من پلیدی را گماشت‏
  • Since God has kept me pure from filth, how were it seemly to appoint a foul one for (companionship with) me?
  • یک رگم ز ایشان بد و آن را برید ** در من آن بد رگ کجا خواهد رسید
  • I had (in me) a vein of them (of their nature). He (God) cut it out: how (then) will he with the vein of evil attain unto me?
  • یک نشان آدم آن بود از ازل ** که ملایک سر نهندش از محل‏
  • One mark of Adam from eternity was this, that the angels should lay their heads (on the ground) before him, because it was his place (proper to his dignity).
  • یک نشان دیگر آن که آن بلیس ** ننهدش سر که منم شاه و رئیس‏ 2120
  • Another mark was that Iblís, saying, “I am the king and chief,” should not lay down his head before him.
  • پس اگر ابلیس هم ساجد شدی ** او نبودی آدم او غیری بدی‏
  • If, then, Iblís too had become a worshipper (of Adam), he (Adam) would not have been Adam: he would have been another.
  • هم سجود هر ملک میزان اوست ** هم جحود آن عدو برهان اوست‏
  • At once the worship of every angel is the test of him, and the denial (of him) by that enemy (Iblís) is the proof of him.