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  • هم گواه اوست اقرار ملک ** هم گواه اوست کفران سگک‏
  • At once the acknowledgment (made) by the angels is witness for him, and the disbelief of that petty cur (Iblís) is witness for him.
  • تتمه اعتماد آن مغرور بر تملق خرس‏
  • Conclusion of the (story concerning the) trust of that deluded man in the fawningness of the bear.
  • شخص خفت و خرس می‏راندش مگس ** وز ستیز آمد مگس زو باز پس‏
  • The man fell asleep, and the bear kept driving away the flies (which were) on him, but in spite of him they soon came back again.
  • چند بارش راند از روی جوان ** آن مگس زو باز می‏آمد دوان‏ 2125
  • Several times he drove them from the youth’s face, but soon they came hurrying back once more.
  • خشمگین شد با مگس خرس و برفت ** بر گرفت از کوه سنگی سخت زفت‏
  • The bear was enraged with the flies and went off. He picked up a very big stone from the mountain-side.
  • سنگ آورد و مگس را دید باز ** بر رخ خفته گرفته جای ساز
  • He fetched the stone, and saw the flies again settled comfortably on the face of the sleeper.
  • بر گرفت آن آسیا سنگ و بزد ** بر مگس تا آن مگس واپس خزد
  • He took up that millstone and struck at the flies, in order that they might retire.
  • سنگ روی خفته را خشخاش کرد ** این مثل بر جمله عالم فاش کرد
  • The stone made powder of the sleeping man’s face, and published to the whole world this adage––.
  • مهر ابله مهر خرس آمد یقین ** کین او مهر است و مهر اوست کین‏ 2130
  • “The love of a fool is for sure the love of a bear: his hate is love and his love is hate.”
  • عهد او سست است و ویران و ضعیف ** گفت او زفت و وفای او نحیف‏
  • His promise is infirm and corrupt and feeble; his word stout and his performance lean.
  • گر خورد سوگند هم باور مکن ** بشکند سوگند، مرد کژ سخن‏
  • Do not believe him, even if he take an oath: the man whose speech is false will break his oath.