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  • دانه‏ی بی‏مغز کی گردد نهال ** صورت بی‏جان نباشد جز خیال‏
  • How shall a berry without kernel become a sapling? The soulless form is naught but phantasy.
  • بقیه‏ی قصه‏ی طعنه زدن آن مرد بیگانه در شیخ‏
  • Remainder of the story of the stranger’s reviling the Shaykh.
  • آن خبیث از شیخ می‏لایید ژاژ ** کژنگر باشد همیشه عقل کاژ
  • That malign wretch was gabbling silly nonsense about the Shaykh: the perverted intellect is always squinting (envious).
  • که منش دیدم میان مجلسی ** او ز تقوی عاری است و مفلسی‏
  • (He said), “I saw him amidst a company (of revellers): he is one denuded and destitute of piety.
  • ور که باور نیستت خیز امشبان ** تا ببینی فسق شیخت را عیان‏ 3400
  • And if you do not believe it, arise (and go) to-night, that you may see plainly your Shaykh’s depravity.”
  • شب ببردش بر سر یک روزنی ** گفت بنگر فسق و عشرت کردنی‏
  • At night he took him to a window and said, “Behold a (fine) debauch and merry-making!
  • بنگر آن سالوس روز و فسق شب ** روز همچون مصطفی شب بو لهب‏
  • Behold such hypocrisy by day and profligacy by night!––in the daytime (he is) like Mustafá (Mohammed), at night (like) Bú Lahab.
  • روز عبد الله او را گشته نام ** شب نعوذ بالله و در دست جام‏
  • By day his name has become ‘Abdullah (the servant of God); by night––God save us! And (see), the wine-cup in his hand!”
  • دید شیشه در کف آن پیر پر ** گفت شیخا مر ترا هم هست غر
  • He (the disciple) saw a full glass in the Shaykh’s hand. “O Shaykh,” said he, “is there a tumour even in thee?
  • تو نمی‏گفتی که در جام شراب ** دیو می‏میزد شتابان ناشتاب‏ 3405
  • Nonne dicebas?— ‘In vini poculo mingit Diabolus festinans lente’.” [Did you not say, ‘The Devil pees into the wine cup quickly (but) without hurry?’]
  • گفت جامم را چنان پر کرده‏اند ** کاندر او اندر نگنجد یک سپند
  • He (the Shaykh) replied, “They have made my cup so full that there is not room in it for a single rue-seed.