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  • آمد و دید انگبین خاص بود ** کور شد آن دشمن کور و کبود
  • He came, and saw it was fine honey. That miserable enemy (of God) became blind (with shame and confusion).
  • گفت پیر آن دم مرید خویش را ** رو برای من بجو می ای کیا
  • Thereupon the Pír said to his disciple, “Go, seek wine for me, O noble sir;
  • که مرا رنجی است مضطر گشته‏ام ** من ز رنج از مخمصه بگذشته‏ام‏ 3415
  • For I have a pain; I am reduced to necessity: because of the pain, I have passed beyond starvation.
  • در ضرورت هست هر مردار پاک ** بر سر منکر ز لعنت باد خاک‏
  • In sore need any carcase is clean (lawful to eat)––may curses fall like dust on the head of him that denies it!”
  • گرد خمخانه بر آمد آن مرید ** بهر شیخ از هر خمی او می‏چشید
  • The disciple went round the wine-cellar, tasting of every jar on the Shaykh’s behalf.
  • در همه خمخانه‏ها او می ندید ** گشته بد پر از عسل خم نبید
  • In all the wine-cellars (that he visited) he found no wine the jars of wine had become full of honey.
  • گفت ای رندان چه حال است این چه کار ** هیچ خمی در نمی‏بینم عقار
  • He said, “O topers, what state of things is this? What is the matter? I find no wine in any jar.”
  • جمله رندان نزد آن شیخ آمدند ** چشم گریان دست بر سر می‏زدند 3420
  • All the topers came to that Shaykh, weeping and beating their heads with their hands.
  • در خرابات آمدی شیخ اجل ** جمله می‏ها از قدومت شد عسل‏
  • (They said), “Thou camest into the tavern, O most exalted Shaykh, and in consequence of thy coming-all the wines have turned to honey.
  • کرده ای مبدل تو می را از حدث ** جان ما را هم بدل کن از خبث‏
  • Thou hast changed the wine (and purified it) from filth change our souls also (and purify them) from defilement!”