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  • قطع و وصل او نیاید در مقال ** چیز ناقص گفته شد بهر مثال 1940
  • Separation from it and conjunction with it are not (really) predicable; the defective thing has been mentioned (only) for the sake of comparison.
  • بازگشتن به قصه‌ی دقوقی
  • Return to the story of Daqúqí.
  • مر علی را در مثالی شیر خواند ** شیر مثل او نباشد گرچه راند
  • He (the Prophet) once compared ‘Alí to a lion, (but) the lion is not like him, though he (the Prophet) used (this expression).
  • از مثال و مثل و فرق آن بران ** جانب قصه‌ی دقوقی ای جوان
  • From comparison (mithál) and likeness (mithl) and the difference between those (terms) push on, O youth, towards the story of Daqúqí:
  • آنک در فتوی امام خلق بود ** گوی تقوی از فرشته می‌ربود
  • That one who in giving legal judgements was the Imám of the people and in piety bore away the ball from the angels;
  • آنک اندر سیر مه را مات کرد ** هم ز دین‌داری او دین رشک خورد
  • That one who checkmated (eclipsed) the moon in wayfaring, while the Religion (itself) was jealous of his religiousness.
  • با چنین تقوی و اوراد و قیام ** طالب خاصان حق بودی مدام 1945
  • Notwithstanding such piety and devotions and (nights passed in) performance of the ritual prayer, he was always seeking the elect (the saints) of God.
  • در سفر معظم مرادش آن بدی ** که دمی بر بنده‌ی خاصی زدی
  • In travel his chief object was that he might come in touch for a moment with an elect servant (of God).
  • این همی‌گفتی چو می‌رفتی براه ** کن قرین خاصگانم ای اله
  • Whilst he was going along the road, he would be saying, “O God, make me a companion of the elect.
  • یا رب آنها راکه بشناسد دلم ** بنده و بسته‌میان ومجملم
  • O Lord, to those (saints) whom my heart knows I am a slave and one who has girt his loins and is ready to do (them) good service;
  • و آنک نشناسم تو ای یزدان جان ** بر من محجوبشان کن مهربان
  • And (as for) those whom I know not, do Thou, O God of the soul, make them kindly disposed to me who am debarred (from knowing them).”