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  • آن شه شطرنج دل را مات کرد ** از بهشتش سخره‌ی آفات کرد
  • And checkmated that king of the spiritual chessboard and made him, (cast out) from Paradise, a thrall to calamities—
  • چند جا بندش گرفت اندر نبرد ** تا بکشتی در فکندش روی‌زرد 2850
  • How often in combat did he seize him by sleight, that he might wrestle with him and throw him (to the ground) in disgrace!
  • اینچنین کردست با آن پهلوان ** سست سستش منگرید ای دیگران
  • Thus hath he done to that paladin (Adam): do not regard him with contempt, O ye others!
  • مادر و بابای ما را آن حسود ** تاج و پیرایه بچالاکی ربود
  • That envious one nimbly snatched away our mother's and father's crown and ornament.
  • کردشان آنجا برهنه و زار و خوار ** سالها بگریست آدم زار زار
  • There he made them naked and wretched and despicable: (many) years did Adam weep bitterly,
  • که ز اشک چشم او رویید نبت ** که چرا اندر جریده‌ی لاست ثبت
  • So that (sweet) herbs grew from the tears of his eyes: (he wept, wondering) why he was inscribed in the scroll of lá (negation).
  • تو قیاسی گیر طراریش را ** که چنان سرور کند زو ریش را 2855
  • Judge thou of his (the Devil's) impudent cheatery from the fact that on account of him such a prince (as Adam) rends his beard (in sorrow).
  • الحذر ای گل‌پرستان از شرش ** تیغ لا حولی زنید اندر سرش
  • Beware, O clay-worshippers, of his malice: smite the sword of lá hawl on his head!
  • کو همی‌بیند شما را از کمین ** که شما او را نمی‌بینید هین
  • For he sees you from ambush, so that ye see him not. Take care!
  • دایما صیاد ریزد دانه‌ها ** دانه پیدا باشد و پنهان دغا
  • The fowler scatters grain incessantly: the grain is visible, but the deceit is hidden.