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  • می‌گریزد از گوا و مقصدش ** کان گوا سوی قضا می‌خواندش
  • Is fleeing from the witness and his purpose; for that witness is calling him to judgement.
  • دیگر باره ملامت کردن اهل مسجد مهمان را از شب خفتن در آن مسجد
  • How the people of the mosque blamed the guest once more for (his intention of) sleeping in the mosque by night.
  • قوم گفتندش مکن جلدی برو ** تا نگردد جامه و جانت گرو
  • The people said to him, “Do not act with foolhardiness, depart, lest thy (bodily) vesture and thy soul become in pawn (to Death).”
  • آن ز دور آسان نماید به نگر ** که به آخر سخت باشد ره‌گذر
  • Froth afar it seems easy, (but) look well! for in the end the passage is grievous.
  • خویشتن آویخت بس مرد و سکست ** وقت پیچاپیچ دست‌آویز جست 3995
  • Many a man hanged himself and broke (his neck) and at the moment of agony sought something for his hand to cling to.
  • پیشتر از واقعه آسان بود ** در دل مردم خیال نیک و بد
  • Before the battle, the fancy of good or evil is slight (makes no deep impression) in a man’s heart;
  • چون در آید اندرون کارزار ** آن زمان گردد بر آنکس کار زار
  • (But) when he enters into the fray, then to that person the matter becomes woeful.
  • چون نه شیری هین منه تو پای پیش ** کان اجل گرگست و جان تست میش
  • Since you are not a lion, beware, do not step forward, for that Doom is a wolf, and your soul is the sheep;
  • ور ز ابدالی و میشت شیر شد ** آمن آ که مرگ تو سرزیر شد
  • But if you are one of the Abdál (saints) and your sheep has become a lion, come on securely, for your death has been over-thrown.
  • کیست ابدال آنک او مبدل شود ** خمرش از تبدیل یزدان خل شود 4000
  • Who is the Abdál? He that becomes transmuted, he whose wine is turned into vinegar by Divine transmutation.
  • لیک مستی شیرگیری وز گمان ** شیر پنداری تو خود را هین مران
  • But you are drunken, pot-valiant, and from (mere) opinion think yourself to be a lion: Beware, do not advance!