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  • سایه‌ای و عاشقی بر آفتاب ** شمس آید سایه لا گردد شتاب
  • Thou art a shadow and in love with the sun: the sun comes, the shadow is naughted speedily.
  • داد خواستن پشه از باد به حضرت سلیمان علیه السلام
  • How, in the presence of Solomon, on whom be peace, the gnat appealed for justice against the Wind.
  • پشه آمد از حدیقه وز گیاه ** وز سلیمان گشت پشه دادخواه
  • The gnat came from the garden and the grass, and the gnat began to demand justice from Solomon,
  • کای سلیمان معدلت می‌گستری ** بر شیاطین و آدمی‌زاد و پری 4625
  • Saying, “O Solomon, thou dealest out justice to the devils and the children of men and the Jinn.
  • مرغ و ماهی در پناه عدل تست ** کیست آن گم‌گشته کش فضلت نجست
  • Bird and fish are under the protection of thy justice: who is the lost one whom thy bounty hath not sought out?
  • داد ده ما را که بس زاریم ما ** بی‌نصیب از باغ و گلزاریم ما
  • Give justice to us, for we are very miserable: we are deprived of the orchard and the rose-garden.
  • مشکلات هر ضعیفی از تو حل ** پشه باشد در ضعیفی خود مثل
  • The difficulties of every weakling are solved by thee: the gnat in sooth is the (proverbial) similitude for weakness.
  • شهره ما در ضعف و اشکسته‌پری ** شهره تو در لطف و مسکین‌پروری
  • We are celebrated for weakness and frailty: thou art celebrated for kindness and care of the lowly.
  • ای تو در اطباق قدرت منتهی ** منتهی ما در کمی و بی‌رهی 4630
  • O thou who hast reached the limit in (traversing) the stages of Power, (while) we have reached the limit in failure and aberration,
  • داد ده ما را ازین غم کن جدا ** دست گیر ای دست تو دست خدا
  • Do justice, relieve us from this sorrow, take our hand (to help us), O thou whose hand is the hand of God.”
  • پس سلیمان گفت ای انصاف‌جو ** داد و انصاف از که میخواهی بگو
  • Then Solomon said, “O seeker of equity, tell (me), against whom art thou demanding justice and equity?