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  • گفت یزدان وصف این جای حرج ** بهر محشر لا تری فیها عوج 185
  • God hath described this distressful place, (which is) for the scene of the (Last) Congregation, (in the words) thou wilt not see therein any unevenness.
  • معشوق را زیر چادر پنهان کردن جهت تلبیس و بهانه گفتن زن کی ان کید کن عظیم
  • How the wife, for the sake of imposition, hid the beloved one under her chádar and offered a false excuse, "for verily, great is the cunning of you (women)."
  • چادر خود را برو افکند زود ** مرد را زن ساخت و در را بر گشود
  • She quickly threw her chádar upon him: she made the man a woman and opened the door.
  • زیر چادر مرد رسوا و عیان ** سخت پیدا چون شتر بر نردبان
  • Beneath the chádar the man was exposed to view and clearly seen—very conspicuous, like a camel on a staircase.
  • گفت خاتونیست از اعیان شهر ** مر ورا از مال و اقبالست بهر
  • She said, ‘’Tis a lady, one of the notables of the town: she has her share of wealth and fortune.
  • در ببستم تا کسی بیگانه‌ای ** در نیاید زود نادانانه‌ای
  • I bolted the door, lest any stranger should come in suddenly unawares.’
  • گفت صوفی چیستش هین خدمتی ** تا بر آرم بی‌سپاس و منتی 190
  • The Súfí said, ‘Oh, what service is there (to be done) for her, that I may perform it without (expecting) any thanks or favour (in return)?’
  • گفت میلش خویشی و پیوستگیست ** نیک خاتونیست حق داند که کیست
  • She (the wife) said, ‘Her desire is kinship and alliance (with us): she is an excellent lady, God knows who she is.
  • خواست دختر را ببیند زیر دست ** اتفاقا دختر اندر مکتبست
  • She wished to see our daughter privily; (but) as it happens, the girl is at school;
  • باز گفت ار آرد باشد یا سبوس ** می‌کنم او را به جان و دل عروس
  • (So) then she said, Whether she (the daughter) be flour or bran, with (all my) soul and heart I will make her (my son's) bride.
  • یک پسر دارد که اندر شهر نیست ** خوب و زیرک چابک و مکسب کنیست
  • She has a son, who is not in the town: he is handsome and clever, an active lad and one that earns a living.’