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  • زآنک این فانی دلیل باقیست ** لابه‌ی مستان دلیل ساقیست 3050
  • For this perishable (body) is a proof of the everlasting (spirit): the maundering of the intoxicated is a proof of (the existence of) the Cupbearer.
  • مثال دیگر هم درین معنی
  • Another parable on the same subject.
  • هست بازیهای آن شیر علم ** مخبری از بادهای مکتتم
  • The gambols of the lion on the banner are indicative of winds concealed (from view).
  • گر نبودی جنبش آن بادها ** شیر مرده کی بجستی در هوا
  • If there were not the movement of those winds, how would the dead lion leap into the air?
  • زان شناسی باد را گر آن صباست ** یا دبورست این بیان آن خفاست
  • By that (means) you know whether the wind is the east-wind or the westwind: this (movement of the lion) is the explanation of that occult matter.
  • این بدن مانند آن شیر علم ** فکر می‌جنباند او را دم به دم
  • This body is like the lion on the banner: thought is causing it to move continually.
  • فکر کان از مشرق آید آن صباست ** وآنک از مغرب دبور با وباست 3055
  • The thought that comes from the east is (as) the (refreshing) east-wind, and that which (comes) from the west is (as) the west-wind fraught with pestilence.
  • مشرق این باد فکرت دیگرست ** مغرب این باد فکرت زان سرست
  • The east of this wind of thought is different; the west of this wind of thought is from Yonder side.
  • مه جمادست و بود شرقش جماد ** جان جان جان بود شرق فاد
  • The moon is inanimate, and its east is inanimate: the heart's east is the soul of the soul of Soul.
  • شرق خورشیدی که شد باطن‌فروز ** قشر و عکس آن بود خورشید روز
  • The east of that Sun which illumines the inward part—the sun of day is (only) the husk and reflexion thereof;
  • زآنک چون مرده بود تن بی‌لهب ** پیش او نه روز بنماید نه شب
  • For when the body is dead (and) without the (vital) flame, neither day nor night appears to it;