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  • سست خندید و بگفت ای بدنهاد  ** زانک دانی ایزدت توبه دهاد 
  • He (the holy man) laughed softly and said, “O evil-natured one, may God cause thee to repent of that which thou knowest!”
  • در بیان آنک دعای عارف واصل و درخواست او از حق هم‌چو درخواست حقست از خویشتن کی کنت له سمعا و بصرا و لسانا و یدا و قوله و ما رمیت اذ رمیت و لکن الله رمی و آیات و اخبار و آثار درین بسیارست و شرح سبب ساختن حق تا مجرم را گوش گرفته بتوبه‌ی نصوح آورد 
  • Explaining that the prayer of the gnostic who is united with God and his petition to God are like the petition of God to Himself, for “I am to him an ear and an eye and a tongue and a hand.” God hath said, “And thou didst not throw when thou threwest, but God threw”; and there are many Verses (of the Qur’án) and Traditions and Narrations on this subject. And (what follows is) an exposition of the way in which God devises means in order that, taking hold of the sinner's ear, they may lead him to the repentance of Nasúh.
  • آن دعا از هفت گردون در گذشت  ** کار آن مسکین به آخر خوب گشت 
  • That prayer traversed the Seven Heavens: the fortune of the miserable wretch (Nasúh) at last became good;
  • که آن دعای شیخ نه چون هر دعاست  ** فانی است و گفت او گفت خداست 
  • For the prayer of a Shaykh (Spiritual Director) is not like every prayer: he is naughted (fání) and his words are the words of God.
  • چون خدا از خود سال و کد کند  ** پس دعای خویش را چون رد کند 
  • Since God asks and begs of Himself, how, then, should He refuse to grant His own prayer?
  • یک سبب انگیخت صنع ذوالجلال  ** که رهانیدش ز نفرین و وبال  2245
  • The action of the Almighty produced a means that delivered him (Nasúh) from execration and woe.
  • اندر آن حمام پر می‌کرد طشت  ** گوهری از دختر شه یاوه گشت 
  • (Whilst) he was filling a basin in the bath, a jewel belonging to the King's daughter was lost.
  • گوهری از حلقه‌های گوش او  ** یاوه گشت و هر زنی در جست و جو 
  • A jewel was lost from her ear-rings, and every woman (in the bath began to take part) in the search (for it).
  • پس در حمام را بستند سخت  ** تا بجویند اولش در پیچ رخت 
  • Then they bolted the door of the bath (and made it) fast, in order that they might first look for the jewel in the folds of the furniture.
  • رختها جستند و آن پیدا نشد  ** دزد گوهر نیز هم رسوا نشد 
  • They searched (all) these articles, but it was not brought to light (there), nor was any person who had stolen the jewel discovered either.
  • پس به جد جستن گرفتند از گزاف  ** در دهان و گوش و اندر هر شکاف  2250
  • Then they began to search incontinently with all their might in the mouths and ears (of the bathers) and in every cleft.