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  • تا خوری زشت و بری زشت و شتاب  ** نی مروت نی‌تانی نی ثواب 
  • That in haste thou mayst eat foul things and take foul things, (having in thee) no generosity, no deliberation, no merit acquired by good works.
  • لاجرم کافر خورد در هفت بطن  ** دین و دل باریک و لاغر زفت بطن 
  • Necessarily (therefore) the infidel takes his food in seven bowels: his religion and spirit are thin and lean, his belly fat.
  • در سبب ورود این حدیث مصطفی صلوات الله علیه که الکافر یاکل فی سبعة امعاء و الممن یاکل فی معا واحد 
  • Concerning the occasion of the coming of the Tradition of Mustafá (Mohammed), the blessings of God be upon him, that the infidel takes his food in seven bowels, while the true believer takes his food in one bowel.
  • کافران مهمان پیغامبر شدند  ** وقت شام ایشان به مسجد آمدند 
  • The infidels became the guests of the Prophet: they came to the mosque at eventide,
  • که آمدیم ای شاه ما اینجا قنق  ** ای تو مهمان‌دار سکان افق  65
  • Saying, “We have come here as visitors seeking hospitality, O King, O thou who art the entertainer of (all) the inhabitants of the world.
  • بی‌نواییم و رسیده ما ز دور  ** هین بیفشان بر سر ما فضل و نور 
  • We are destitute and have arrived from afar: hark, shed thy grace and light upon us!”
  • گفت ای یاران من قسمت کنید  ** که شما پر از من و خوی منید 
  • He said (to his Companions), “O my friends, divide (these guests amongst you), for ye are filled with me and with my nature.”
  • پر بود اجسام هر لشکر ز شاه  ** زان زنندی تیغ بر اعدای جاه 
  • The bodies of every army are filled with the King; hence they would draw the sword against (his) Majesty's enemies.
  • تو بخشم شه زنی آن تیغ را  ** ورنه بر اخوان چه خشم آید ترا 
  • ’Tis because of the King's anger you draw the sword; otherwise, what (cause of) anger have you against your brethren?
  • بر برادر بی‌گناهی می‌زنی  ** عکس خشم شاه گرز ده‌منی  70
  • (From) the reflexion of the King's anger you are striking your innocent brother with a mace of ten manns' weight.
  • شه یکی جانست و لشکر پر ازو  ** روح چون آبست واین اجسام جو 
  • The King is one soul, and the army is filled with him: the spirit is like the water, and these bodies are the river-bed.