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  • دیده‌ی دل کو به گردون بنگریست  ** دید که اینجا هر دمی میناگریست 
  • The eye of the heart (the inward eye) that contemplated the (spiritual) firmament perceived that here (in the sensible world) is a continual alchemy.
  • قلب اعیانست و اکسیری محیط  ** ایتلاف خرقه‌ی تن بی‌مخیط 
  • The harmonious cohesion of the patched garment, (which is) the body, without being stitched (together), is (owing to) the transmutation of essences and (to) an all-embracing elixir.
  • تو از آن روزی که در هست آمدی  ** آتشی یا بادی یا خاکی بدی 
  • From the day when thou camest into existence, thou wert fire or air or earth.
  • گر بر آن حالت ترا بودی بقا  ** کی رسیدی مر ترا این ارتقا  790
  • If thou hadst remained in that condition, how should this (present) height have been reached by thee?
  • از مبدل هستی اول نماند  ** هستی بهتر به جای آن نشاند 
  • The Transmuter did not leave thee in thy first (state of) existence: He established a better (state of) existence in the place of that (former one);
  • هم‌چنین تا صد هزاران هستها  ** بعد یکدیگر دوم به ز ابتدا 
  • And so on till (He gave thee) a hundred thousand states of existence, one after the other, the second (always) better than the beginning.
  • از مبدل بین وسایط را بمان  ** کز وسایط دور گردی ز اصل آن 
  • Regard (all change as derived) from the Transmuter, leave (ignore) the intermediaries, for by (regarding) the intermediaries thou wilt be come far from their Origin.
  • واسطه هر جا فزون شد وصل جست  ** واسطه کم ذوق وصل افزونترست 
  • Wherever the intermediaries increase, union (with the Origin) is removed: (in proportion as) the intermediaries are less, the delight of (attaining to) union is greater.
  • از سبب‌دانی شود کم حیرتت  ** حیرت تو ره دهد در حضرتت  795
  • By knowing the intermediaries thy bewilderment (in God) is diminished: thy bewilderment gives thee admission to the (Divine) Presence.
  • این بقاها از فناها یافتی  ** از فنااش رو چرا برتافتی 
  • Thou hast gained these (successive) lives from (successive) deaths: why hast thou averted thy face from dying in Him?