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  • خیز ای داود از خلقان نفیر  ** ترک آن کردی عوض از ما بگیر 
  • (Singing),” Arise, O David, thou shunner of the people! Thou ha abandoned that (society): receive compensation from me.”
  • انابت آن طالب گنج به حق تعالی بعد از طلب بسیار و عجز و اضطرار کی ای ولی الاظهار تو کن این پنهان را آشکار 
  • How the seeker of the treasure, after having searched much and having been reduced to helplessness and despair, turned to God most High, saying, “O Thou to whom manifestation belongs, do. Thou make this hidden thing evident!”
  • گفت آن درویش ای دانای راز  ** از پی این گنج کردم یاوه‌تاز 
  • The dervish said, “O Knower of the secret, I have run about in vain for the sake of this treasure.
  • دیو حرص و آز و مستعجل تگی  ** نی تانی جست و نی آهستگی 
  • The devil of greed and cupidity and hurry sought neither deliberation nor calmness.
  • من ز دیگی لقمه‌ای نندوختم  ** کف سیه کردم دهان را سوختم  2290
  • I have not gained a morsel from any pot: I have (only) blackened my hand and burnt my mouth.
  • خود نگفتم چون درین ناموقنم  ** زان گره‌زن این گره را حل کنم 
  • Verily, I did not say (to myself), ‘Since I have no certainty in this (matter), I will untie this knot by (the help of) Him who ties (all) knots.’”
  • قول حق را هم ز حق تفسیر جو  ** هین مگو ژاژ از گمان ای سخت‌رو 
  • Seek the exposition of God’s Word from God: do not talk nonsense (derived) from (your own) opinion, O hard (impudent) man.
  • آن گره کو زد همو بگشایدش  ** مهره کو انداخت او بربایدش 
  • The knot which He tied He also will loose: the die which He cast (on the board) He (Himself) will take off.
  • گرچه آسانت نمود آن سان سخن  ** کی بود آسان رموز من لدن 
  • Although words of that sort seemed to you to be easy, how should the esoteric (Divine) symbols be easy (to understand)?
  • گفت یا رب توبه کردم زین شتاب  ** چون تو در بستی تو کن هم فتح باب  2295
  • He (the fakir) said, “O Lord, I repent of this haste: since. Thou hast shut the door, do Thou also open the door.
  • بر سر خرقه شدن بار دگر  ** در دعا کردن بدم هم بی‌هنر 
  • (It behoves me) to go (betake myself) once more to the patched frock (of the dervish): even in making (my) invocation (to God) I was devoid of merit.