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  • گفت شب بیرون روم من نرم نرم  ** تا ز ظلمت نایدم در کدیه شرم  4250
  • “At nightfall,” he said (to himself), “I will slip out very quietly, in order that I may beg in the dark without feeling ashamed.
  • هم‌چو شبکوکی کنم شب ذکر و بانگ  ** تا رسد از بامهاام نیم دانگ 
  • At night I will chant (litanies) and bawl like a night-mendicant, that half a dáng  may come to me from the roofs.”
  • اندرین اندیشه بیرون شد بکوی  ** واندرین فکرت همی شد سو به سوی 
  • Thus meditating, he went out into the street, and with these thoughts (in his head) he wandered to and fro.
  • یک زمان مانع همی‌شد شرم و جاه  ** یک زمانی جوع می‌گفتش بخواه 
  • At one moment shame and dignity prevented him (from begging), at another moment hunger said to him, “Beg!”
  • پای پیش و پای پس تا ثلث شب  ** که بخواهم یا بخسپم خشک‌لب 
  • Till a third part of the night was gone, (he kept putting) one foot forward and one foot backward (hesitating and asking himself), “Shall I beg or shall I lie down to sleep with my lips dry?”
  • رسیدن آن شخص به مصر و شب بیرون آمدن به کوی از بهر شبکوکی و گدایی و گرفتن عسس او را و مراد اوحاصل شدن از عسس بعد از خوردن زخم بسیار و عسی ان تکرهوا شیا و هو خیر لکم و قوله تعالی سیجعل الله بعد عسر یسرا و قوله علیه‌السلام اشتدی ازمة تنفرجی و جمیع القرآن و الکتب المنزلة فی تقریر هذا 
  • How that person arrived at Cairo and at night came out into the street to play the mendicant and beg, and how he was arrested by the night-patrol and after having been soundly beaten succeeded through him in gaining his object. “And it may be that ye loathe a thing though it is better for you”; and as God most High hath (also) said, “God will surely vouchsafe after hardship ease”; and as God most High hath said, “Lo, with hardship goeth ease”; and as he (the Prophet), on whom be peace, hath said, “O year of drought, become severe, and then thou wilt pass away.” And the whole of the Qur’án and all the Revealed Books confirm this.
  • ناگهانی خود عسس او را گرفت  ** مشت و چوبش زد ز صفرا تا شکفت  4255
  • Suddenly the night-patrol seized him and, unable to restrain his anger, beat him with fist and cudgel.
  • اتفاقا اندر آن شب‌های تار  ** دیده بد مردم ز شب‌دزدان ضرار 
  • As it happened, the people (of the city) had suffered losses in those dark nights from (the depredations of) night-thieves.
  • بود شب‌های مخوف و منتحس  ** پس به جد می‌جست دزدان را عسس 
  • They were nights of alarm and disaster, and the police were searching for the thieves with all their might,
  • تا خلیفه گفت که ببرید دست  ** هر که شب گردد وگر خویش منست 
  • (So much so) that the Khalífa said, “Cut off the hand of any one who roams about by night, even if he is a kinsman of mine.”
  • بر عسس کرده ملک تهدید و بیم  ** که چرا باشید بر دزدان رحیم 
  • The king had terrified the police with threats, saying, “Why are you (so) merciful to the thieves?