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  • بر هوا تاویل قرآن می‌‌کنی ** پست و کژ شد از تو معنی سنی‌‌
  • Thou interpretest the Qur’án according to thy desire: by thee the sublime meaning is degraded and perverted.
  • زیافت تاویل رکیک مگس‌‌
  • The baseness of the foul interpretation given by the fly.
  • آن مگس بر برگ کاه و بول خر ** همچو کشتی‌‌بان همی‌‌افراشت سر
  • The fly was lifting up his head, like a pilot, on a blade of straw and (a pool of) ass's urine.
  • گفت من دریا و کشتی خوانده‌‌ام ** مدتی در فکر آن می‌‌مانده‌‌ام‌‌
  • “I have called (them) sea and ship,” said he; “I have been pondering over that (interpretation) for a long while.
  • اینک این دریا و این کشتی و من ** مرد کشتیبان و اهل و رایزن‌‌
  • Look! here is this sea and this ship, and I am the pilot and skilled (in navigation) and judicious.”
  • بر سر دریا همی‌‌راند او عمد ** می‌‌نمودش آن قدر بیرون ز حد 1085
  • He was propelling the raft on the “sea”: that (small) quantity appeared to him illimitable.
  • بود بی‌‌حد آن چمین نسبت بدو ** آن نظر که بیند آن را راست کو
  • That urine was boundless in relation to him: where was the vision that should see it truly?
  • عالمش چندان بود کش بینش است ** چشم چندین بحر هم چندینش است‌‌
  • His world extends (just) as far as his sight reaches; his eye is so big, his “sea” is big in the same proportion.
  • صاحب تاویل باطل چون مگس ** وهم او بول خر و تصویر خس‌‌
  • So with the false interpreter (of the Qur’án): like the fly, his imagination is (foul as) ass's urine and his conception (worthless as) a straw.
  • گر مگس تاویل بگذارد به رای ** آن مگس را بخت گرداند همای‌‌
  • If the fly leave off interpreting by (following his own) opinion, Fortune will turn that fly into a humáy.
  • آن مگس نبود کش این عبرت بود ** روح او نی در خور صورت بود 1090
  • One who possesses this (Divine) indication (of the true meaning) is not a fly: his spirit is not analogous to his (outward) form.
  • تولیدن شیر از دیر آمدن خرگوش‌‌
  • How the lion roared wrathfully because the hare was late in coming.