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  • ماه می‌‌گوید به خاک و ابر و فی ** من بشر بودم ولی یوحی الی‌‌
  • The Moon (the Prophet) is saying to earth and cloud and shadow, “I was a man, but it is revealed to me (that your God is one God).
  • چون شما تاریک بودم در نهاد ** وحی خورشیدم چنین نوری بداد 3660
  • Like you, I was dark in my nature: the Sun's revelation gave me such a light as this.
  • ظلمتی دارم به نسبت با شموس ** نور دارم بهر ظلمات نفوس‌‌
  • I have a certain darkness in comparison with the (spiritual) suns, (but) I have light for the darknesses of (human) souls.
  • ز آن ضعیفم تا تو تابی آوری ** که نه مرد آفتاب انوری‌‌
  • I am faint (less bright than the Sun) in order that thou mayst be able to bear (my beams), for thou art not the man for (a man who can bear) the most radiant Sun.
  • همچو شهد و سرکه در هم بافتم ** تا سوی رنج جگر ره یافتم‌‌
  • I was woven (mingled) together, like honey and vinegar, that I might find the way to (cure) sickness of heart.
  • چون ز علت وارهیدی ای رهین ** سرکه را بگذار و می‌‌خور انگبین‌‌
  • Since thou hast recovered from thine illness, O thou (that wert) in thrall (to it), leave the vinegar and continue to eat the honey.”
  • تخت دل معمور شد پاک از هوا ** بین که الرحمن علی العرش استوی‌‌ 3665
  • (If) the throne of the heart has become restored to soundness and purged of sensuality, behold how the Merciful God is seated on His Throne.
  • حکم بر دل بعد از این بی‌‌واسطه ** حق کند چون یافت دل این رابطه‌‌
  • After this, God controls the heart without intermediary, since the heart has attained to this relation (with Him).
  • این سخن پایان ندارد زید کو ** تا دهم پندش که رسوایی مجو
  • This discourse hath no end. Where is Zayd, that I may counsel him not to seek notoriety?
  • رجوع به حکایت زید
  • The (author's) return to the story of Zayd.
  • زید را اکنون نیابی کاو گریخت ** جست از صف نعال و نعل ریخت‌‌
  • You will not find Zayd now, for he has fled: he has darted away from the shoe-row and dropped his shoes.