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  • گر توکل می‌‌کنی در کار کن ** کشت کن پس تکیه بر جبار کن‌‌
  • If you are putting trust in God, put trust (in Him) as regards (your) work: sow (the seed), then rely upon the Almighty.”
  • باز ترجیح نهادن نخجیران توکل را بر جهد
  • How the beasts once more asserted the superiority of trust in God to exertion.
  • جمله با وی بانگها برداشتند ** کان حریصان که سببها کاشتند
  • They all lifted up their voices (to dispute) with him, saying, “Those covetous ones who sowed (the seed of) means,
  • صد هزار اندر هزار از مرد و زن ** پس چرا محروم ماندند از زمن‌‌
  • Myriads on myriads of men and women—why, then, did they remain deprived of fortune?
  • صد هزاران قرن ز آغاز جهان ** همچو اژدرها گشاده صد دهان‌‌ 950
  • From the beginning of the world myriads of generations have opened a hundred mouths, like dragons:
  • مکرها کردند آن دانا گروه ** که ز بن بر کنده شد ز آن مکر کوه‌‌
  • Those clever people devised plots (of such power) that the mountain thereby was torn up from its foundation.
  • کرد وصف مکرهاشان ذو الجلال ** لتزول منه اقلال الجبال‌‌
  • The Glorious (God) described their plots (when He said): (though their guile be such) that the tops of the mountains might be moved thereby.
  • جز که آن قسمت که رفت اندر ازل ** روی ننمود از شکار و از عمل‌‌
  • (But) except the portion which came to pass (was predestined) in eternity, nothing showed its face (accrued to them) from their scheming and doing.
  • جمله افتادند از تدبیر و کار ** ماند کار و حکم‌‌های کردگار
  • They all fell from (failed in) plan and act: the acts and decrees of the Maker remained.
  • کسب جز نامی مدان ای نامدار ** جهد جز وهمی مپندار ای عیار 955
  • O illustrious one, do not regard work as aught but a name! O cunning one, think not that exertion is aught but a vain fancy!”
  • نگریستن عزراییل بر مردی و گریختن آن مرد در سرای سلیمان و تقریر ترجیح توکل بر جهد و قلت فایده‌‌ی جهد
  • How ‘Azrá‘íl (Azrael) looked at a certain man, and how that man fled to the palace of Solomon; and setting forth the superiority of trust in God to exertion and the uselessness of the latter.
  • زاد مردی چاشتگاهی در رسید ** در سرا عدل سلیمان در دوید
  • One forenoon a freeborn (noble) man arrived and ran into Solomon's hall of justice,