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  • نفس واحد از رسول حق شدند ** ور نه هر یک دشمن مطلق بدند
  • (’Twas) through the Messenger of Allah they became one soul; else, they were absolute enemies, every one (to the other).
  • برخاستن مخالفت و عداوت از میان انصار به برکات رسول صلی الله علیه و آله
  • How dissension and enmity amongst the Ansár were removed by the blessings of the Prophet—may God bless and save him!
  • دو قبیله کاوس و خزرج نام داشت ** یک ز دیگر جان خون آشام داشت‏
  • The two tribes which were named Aws and Khazraj had a blood-thirsty spirit towards each other.
  • کینه‏های کهنه‏شان از مصطفی ** محو شد در نور اسلام و صفا
  • Through (the preaching of) Mustafá (Mohammed) their ancient feuds vanished in the light of Islam and of pureness (of heart).
  • اولا اخوان شدند آن دشمنان ** همچو اعداد عنب در بوستان‏ 3715
  • First, those enemies became brethren like the units of (a bunch of) grapes in the garden;
  • و ز دم المؤمنون إخوة به پند ** در شکستند و تن واحد شدند
  • And (then) at the admonition given in the words, The true believers are brethren, they dissolved (and mingled) and became one body.
  • صورت انگورها اخوان بود ** چون فشردی شیره‏ی واحد شود
  • The appearance of the (clustered) grapes is (that of) brethren: when you squeeze them they become one juice.
  • غوره و انگور ضدانند لیک ** چون که غوره پخته شد شد یار نیک‏
  • The immature and the full-grown grape are opponents, but when the immature grape has ripened, it becomes a good friend.
  • غوره‏ای کاو سنگ بست و خام ماند ** در ازل حق کافر اصلیش خواند
  • The immature grape that has remained stone-hard and crude —God in eternity has called it an original unbeliever.
  • نه اخی نه نفس واحد باشد او ** در شقاوت نحس ملحد باشد او 3720
  • He (such a one) is neither a brother nor one (in) soul (with the faithful Moslems): he is an ill-starred heretic in (the state of) damnation.
  • گر بگویم آن چه او دارد نهان ** فتنه‏ی افهام خیزد در جهان‏
  • If I should tell that which he keeps hidden (in his heart), there would arise in the world a sore temptation of (men's) minds.