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  • همچو تو سالوس بسیاران بدند ** عاقبت در مصر ما رسوا شدند 1075
  • Many have been impostors like thee, (but) in our Egypt they have been brought to disgrace in the end.”
  • جواب موسی فرعون را در تهدیدی کی می‌کردش
  • The answer of Moses to Pharaoh concerning the threats which he made against him.
  • گفت با امر حقم اشراک نیست ** گر بریزد خونم امرش باک نیست
  • He (Moses) said, “I admit nothing as co-partner with the command of God: if His command shall shed my blood, there is no fear (on my part).
  • راضیم من شاکرم من ای حریف ** این طرف رسوا و پیش حق شریف
  • I am content, I am thankful, O adversary: here (I am) disgraced, but with God (I am) honoured.
  • پیش خلقان خوار و زار و ریش‌خند ** پیش حق محبوب و مطلوب و پسند
  • In the sight of the people (I am) contemptible and wretched and a laughingstock: in God's sight (I am) loved and sought and approved.
  • از سخن می‌گویم این ورنه خدا ** از سیه‌رویان کند فردا ترا
  • I say this (merely as a matter) of words; otherwise (in fact), to-morrow (on the Day of Judgement) God will make thee one of the black-faced.
  • عزت آن اوست و آن بندگانش ** ز آدم و ابلیس بر می‌خوان نشانش 1080
  • Glory belongs to Him and to His servants (alone): recite (from the Qur’án) the sign thereof (made manifest) through Adam and Iblís.
  • شرح حق پایان ندارد همچو حق ** هین دهان بربند و برگردان ورق
  • The explanation of (the attributes of) God, like God (Himself), hath no limit. Take heed, close thy mouth and turn over a (new) leaf.”
  • پاسخ فرعون موسی را علیه السلام
  • The reply of Pharaoh to Moses, on whom be peace.
  • گفت فرعونش ورق درحکم ماست ** دفتر و دیوان حکم این دم مراست
  • Pharaoh said to him, “The leaf is under my authority; the book and register of authority is mine at this moment.
  • مر مرا بخریده‌اند اهل جهان ** از همه عاقلتری تو ای فلان
  • The people of the world have chosen me: art thou wiser than all, O fellow?
  • موسیا خود را خریدی هین برو ** خویشتن کم بین به خود غره مشو
  • O Moses, thou hast vaunted thyself. Hark, begone! Have less regard for thyself, be not self-deluded.