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  • حتی اذا ما استیاس الرسل بگو ** تا بظنوا انهم قد کذبوا
  • Repeat (the text)until when the Messengers (of God) despaired down to (the words) they thought they had been belied (kudhibú).
  • این قرائت خوان که تخفیف کذب ** این بود که خویش بیند محتجب
  • Recite (the verse) with this reading (kudhibú), for the omission of the tashdíd in kudhibú signifies that he (the Messenger) deems himself debarred (from receiving the promised aid from God).
  • در گمان افتاد جان انبیا ** ز اتفاق منکری اشقیا 2035
  • The souls of the prophets fell into misgiving through the concurrence of disbelief (on the part) of the wicked;
  • جائهم بعد التشکک نصرنا ** ترکشان گو بر درخت جان بر آ
  • (But) Our aid came to them after (their) doubting. Take leave of them (the misguided people) and climb the tree of the spirit.
  • می‌خور و می‌ده بدان کش روزیست ** هر دم و هر لحظه سحرآموزیست
  • Eat (of the fruit of this tree) and give it to every one that hath an allotted portion (thereof): at each moment and each instant there are lessons in (spiritual) magic (for him).
  • خلق‌گویان ای عجب این بانگ چیست ** چونک صحرا از درخت و بر تهیست
  • “The people are saying, ‘Oh, how wonderful! What is this cry?—since the wilderness is devoid of trees and fruit.
  • گیج گشتیم از دم سوداییان ** که به نزدیک شما باغست و خوان
  • We have been fooled by the words of the madmen (who tell us) that beside us there are gardens and trays (of fruit).
  • چشم می‌مالیم اینجا باغ نیست ** یا بیابانیست یا مشکل رهیست 2040
  • We rub our eyes, (but) no garden is here; ‘tis either a desert or a difficult road.
  • ای عجب چندین دراز این گفت و گو ** چون بود بیهوده ور خود هست کو
  • Oh, how wonderful! This tale (related by the prophets and saints) is so long: how should it be vain? And if it really is (as they say), where (is that which they tell of)?’
  • من همی‌گویم چو ایشان ای عجب ** این چنین مهری چرا زد صنع رب
  • I, like them, am saying, ‘Oh, how wonderful! Why has the action of the Lord put such a seal (upon their eyes)?’”