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  • سر برهنه در سجود آنها که هیچ ** رویشان قبله ندید از پیچ پیچ 2185
  • Bare-headed in the prostrate attitude (of Divine worship) were those whose faces, because of (their) perversity, had never seen the qibla at all.
  • گفته که بی‌فایده‌ست این بندگی ** آن زمان دیده در آن صد زندگی
  • They (formerly) said, “This worship of God is useless”; (but) in that hour (of despair) they saw a hundred lives (precious advantages) therein.
  • از همه اومید ببریده تمام ** دوستان و خال و عم بابا و مام
  • They had entirely abandoned hope of all—of friends and maternal and paternal uncles and father and mother.
  • زاهد و فاسق شد آن دم متقی ** همچو در هنگام جان کندن شقی
  • At that moment ascetic and reprobate (alike) had become God-fearing as a wicked man at the time of the death-agony.
  • نه ز چپشان چاره بود و نه ز راست ** حیله‌ها چون مرد هنگام دعاست
  • Neither on the left nor on the right was there any help for them: when (all) expedients are dead, (then) is the time to invoke God.
  • در دعا ایشان و در زاری و آه ** بر فلک زیشان شده دود سیاه 2190
  • They were (engaged) in invocation and lament and moaning: a black smoke went up from them to heaven.
  • دیو آن دم از عداوت بین بین ** بانگ زد کای سگ‌پرستان علتین
  • Then the Devil cried in enmity, “Avaunt! Avaunt! O dog-worshippers, (ye shall be afflicted with) two maladies.
  • مرگ و جسک ای اهل انکار و نفاق ** عاقبت خواهد بدن این اتفاق
  • Death and woe (to you)! O unbelievers and hypocrites, this will befall (you) in the end,
  • چشمتان تر باشد از بعد خلاص ** که شوید از بهر شهوت دیو خاص
  • (That) after deliverance ye will rejoice to become peculiar devils for the sake of (gratifying) your lust,
  • یادتان ناید که روزی در خطر ** دستتان بگرفت یزدان از قدر
  • And will not remember that in the day of peril God took your hands (to save you) from His decree.”