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  • که ببینیدم که دارم شاخها ** گاو دوزخ را ببینید از ملا
  • Saying, “Behold me! I have horns! Behold the cow of Hell in full view!”
  • گواهی دادن دست و پا و زبان بر سر ظالم هم در دنیا
  • How hands and feet and tongue give evidence concerning the secret of the wicked, even in this world.
  • پس همینجا دست و پایت در گزند ** بر ضمیر تو گواهی می‌دهند 2455
  • Even here, then, your hands and feet, in (doing) harm, bear witness to your conscience.
  • چون موکل می‌شود برتو ضمیر ** که بگو تو اعتقادت وا مگیر
  • Since your (evil) conscience becomes (as) an overseer to you and says, “Speak! Do not keep back your belief,”
  • خاصه در هنگام خشم و گفت و گو ** می‌کند ظاهر سرت را مو بمو
  • And, especially at times of anger and quarrelling, makes manifest your secret thought, hair by hair;
  • چون موکل می‌شود ظلم و جفا ** که هویدا کن مرا ای دست و پا
  • Since wrong and injustice become your overseer and say, “Display me, O hands and feet,”
  • چون همی‌گیرد گواه سر لگام ** خاصه وقت جوش و خشم و انتقام
  • And since the (evil conscience which bears) witness to the secret thought seizes the reins—in particular at times of emotion and anger and revenge—
  • پس همان کس کین موکل می‌کند ** تا لوای راز بر صحرا زند 2460
  • That One, then, who appoints this (conscience) as overseer, that ‘it may unfurl the banner of the secret on the field—
  • پس موکلهای دیگر روز حشر ** هم تواند آفرید از بهر نشر
  • (Surely), then, He can also create, on the Day of Judgement, other overseers for the purpose of unfolding (the secret thoughts).
  • ای بده دست آمده در ظلم و کین ** گوهرت پیداست حاجت نیست این
  • O thou who hast entered most recklessly upon (a course of) injustice and malice, thy true nature is evident: this (advertisement of it) is not needed.
  • نیست حاجت شهره گشتن در گزند ** بر ضمیر آتشینت واقف‌اند
  • It is not necessary to become celebrated for (doing) harm: they (who possess discernment) are acquainted with thy fiery (hellish) conscience.