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  • نفس تو هر دم بر آرد صد شرار ** که ببینیدم منم ز اصحاب نار
  • Thy fleshly soul every moment emits a hundred sparks, saying, “Behold me! I am of the people of the Fire.
  • جزو نارم سوی کل خود روم ** من نه نورم که سوی حضرت شوم 2465
  • I am a part of the Fire: I go to my whole; I am not (composed of) light, so that I should go to the Lord”—
  • همچنان کین ظالم حق ناشناس ** بهر گاوی کرد چندین التباس
  • Even as this unjust and ungrateful man wrought so much confusion (made such a great disturbance) for the sake of a cow.
  • او ازو صد گاو برد و صد شتر ** نفس اینست ای پدر از وی ببر
  • He carried off from him (the defendant) a hundred cows and a hundred camels this (wickedness) is the fleshly soul: O father, cut yourself asunder from it.
  • نیز روزی با خدا زاری نکرد ** یا ربی نامد ازو روزی بدرد
  • Besides, never once did he make humble supplication to God: never once did a cry of “O Lord!” come from him in sorrow—
  • کای خدا خصم مرا خشنود کن ** گر منش کردم زیان تو سود کن
  • “O God, content my adversary: if I have inflicted loss upon him (yet) do Thou bestow profit (upon me)!
  • گر خطا کشتم دیت بر عاقله‌ست ** عاقله‌ی جانم تو بودی از الست 2470
  • If T killed him by mistake, the (payment of the) blood-price falls on my kin: Thou hast been my spirit’s kin from (the Day of) Alast.”
  • سنگ می‌ندهد به استغفار در ** این بود انصاف نفس ای جان حر
  • He (God) does not give (worthless) stones in return for the pearls of contrition (nay), this, O noble spirit, is the justice of the fleshly soul.
  • برون رفتن به سوی آن درخت
  • How the people went forth to that tree.
  • چون برون رفتند سوی آن درخت ** گفت دستش را سپس بندید سخت
  • When they went forth to that tree, he (David) said, “Tie his hands fast behind him,
  • تا گناه و جرم او پیدا کنم ** تا لوای عدل بر صحرا زنم
  • In order that I may bring to light his sin and crime, and may plant the banner of justice on the field.