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  • نغمه‌ی اجزای آن صافی‌جسد ** هر دمی در گوش حسش می‌رسد
  • The melody of the particles of that pure-bodied one is reaching his sensuous ear every moment.
  • همنشینان نشنوند او بشنود ** ای خنک جان کو به غیبش بگرود
  • His companions hear it not, (but) he hears (it): oh, happy is the soul that believes in his hidden mystery.
  • بنگرد در نفس خود صد گفت و گو ** همنشین او نبرده هیچ بو
  • He (the saint) beholds a hundred discourses in himself, while his companion has gotten no scent (perception thereof).
  • صد سال و صد جواب اندر دلت ** می‌رسد از لامکان تا منزلت
  • Within thy heart a hundred questions and a hundred answers are coming from (the realm of) non-spatiality to thy dwelling-place.
  • بشنوی تو نشنود زان گوشها ** گر به نزدیک تو آرد گوش را 4280
  • Thou hearest (them); the ears (of another) do not hear (them), (even) if he bring his ear nigh to thee.
  • گیرم ای کر خود تو آن را نشنوی ** چون مثالش دیده‌ای چون نگروی
  • O deaf man, I grant that truly thou hearest them not; (but) since thou hast seen their (external) emblem, how wilt not thou believe?
  • جواب طعنه‌زننده در مثنوی از قصور فهم خود
  • Reply to him who rails at the Mathnawí on account of his being deficient in understanding.
  • ای سگ طاعن تو عو عو می‌کنی ** طعن قرآن را برون‌شو می‌کنی
  • O railing cur, you are bow-wowing and practising evasion for the purpose of railing at the Qur’án.
  • این نه آن شیرست کز وی جان بری ** یا ز پنجه‌ی قهر او ایمان بری
  • This is not such a lion that you will save your life from it or carry off your faith (secure) from the claws of its vengeance.
  • تا قیامت می‌زند قرآن ندی ** ای گروهی جهل را گشته فدی
  • The Qur’án is proclaiming till the Resurrection—“O people devoted to ignorance,
  • که مرا افسانه می‌پنداشتید ** تخم طعن و کافری می‌کاشتید 4285
  • Who were deeming me to be an idle tale and were sowing the seed of raillery and infidelity,