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  • گر نمی‌دانند کش راننده اوست ** باد را پس کردن زاری چه خوست
  • If they (that desire the wind) are not aware that He is its Driver, then what disposes (them) to pray piteously for the wind?
  • اهل کشتی همچنین جویای باد ** جمله خواهانش از آن رب العباد
  • Likewise, those in ship are desirous of the wind: they all are begging for it from the Lord of Mankind.
  • همچنین در درد دندانها ز باد ** دفع می‌خواهی بسوز و اعتقاد
  • Likewise, in (the case of) toothache you beg ardently and earnestly to be defended from the wind.
  • از خدا لابه‌کنان آن جندیان ** که بده باد ظفر ای کامران 150
  • The soldiers beseech God humbly, saying, “Give (us) the wind of victory, O Thou whose every wish is fulfilled!”
  • رقعه‌ی تعویذ می‌خواهند نیز ** در شکنجه‌ی طلق زن از هر عزیز
  • Also, in the throes of childbirth, folk beg from every venerated (saint) a piece of paper inscribed with a charm (against evil).
  • پس همه دانسته‌اند آن را یقین ** که فرستد باد رب‌العالمین
  • Therefore all have known for certain that the wind is sent by the Lord of created beings.
  • پس یقین در عقل هر داننده هست ** اینک با جنبنده جنباننده هست
  • Therefore in the mind of every one possessing knowledge this is certain, that with everything that moves there is a mover.
  • گر تو او را می‌نبینی در نظر ** فهم کن آن را به اظهار اثر
  • If you do not see him visibly, apprehend him by means of the manifestation of the effect.
  • تن به جان جنبد نمی‌بینی تو جان ** لیک از جنبیدن تن جان بدان 155
  • The body is moved by the spirit: you do not seethe spirit; but from the movement of the body know the spirit (to be its mover).
  • گفت او گر ابلهم من در ادب ** زیرکم اندر وفا و در طلب
  • He (the lover) said, “If I am foolish in manners, I am wise in respect of faithfulness and (eager) pursuit.”