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  • در زمین حق زراعت کردنی ** تخمهای پاک آنگه دخل نی
  • A sowing of pure seeds in God's earth, and then no income! (That is impossible.)
  • گر نروید خوشه از روضات هو ** پس چه واسع باشد ارض الله بگو 1760
  • If the (spiritual) ears of corn grow not from the gardens of Hú (God), then tell (me), how should God's earth be “spacious”?
  • چونک این ارض فنا بی‌ریع نیست ** چون بود ارض الله آن مستوسعیست
  • Since this earth of mortality is not without produce, how should God's earth be (without it)? That (earth of God) is a spacious place.
  • این زمین را ریع او خود بی‌حدست ** دانه‌ای را کمترین خود هفصدست
  • Verily, the produce of this earth (of God) is infinite: even the least (produce) for a single seed is seven-hundredfold.
  • حمد گفتی کو نشان حامدون ** نه برونت هست اثر نه اندرون
  • You said, “Glory to God!” Where are the signs (in you) of those who glorify? Neither in your exterior nor within is there a trace.
  • حمد عارف مر خدا را راستست ** که گواه حمد او شد پا و دست
  • (Only) the gnostic's glorification of God is right (perfect), for his feet and hands have borne witness to his glorification.
  • از چه تاریک جسمش بر کشید ** وز تک زندان دنیااش خرید 1765
  • It hath lifted him up from the dark pit of the body and redeemed him from the bottom of the dungeon of this world.
  • اطلس تقوی و نور متلف ** آیت حمدست او را بر کتف
  • On his shoulder is the sign of glorification—the silken robe of piety and the light which associates itself (with him).
  • وا رهیده از جهان عاریه ** ساکن گلزار و عین جاریه
  • He is delivered from the transitory world, he is dwelling in the Rose-garden, and (therein is) a running fountain.
  • بر سریر سر عالی‌همتش ** مجلس و جا و مقام و رتبتش
  • His sitting-place and home and abode is on the throne of the high-aspiring inmost consciousness, and his station