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  • ضبط و درک و حافظی و یادداشت ** عقل را باشد که عقل آن را فراشت
  • Grasp and apprehension and retentiveness and keeping in mind belong to Reason, for Reason has raised those (faculties).
  • چونک گوهر نیست تابش چون بود ** چون مذکر نیست ایابش چون بود
  • When the pearl is not there, how should its lustre exist? When there is none to remind (admonish the fool), how should he turn back (from folly)?
  • این تمنی هم ز بی‌عقلی اوست ** که نبیند کان حماقت را چه خوست 2295
  • Moreover, this wish (to escape from the consequences of his folly) arises from his want of reason, for he does not see what is the nature of that folly.
  • آن ندامت از نتیجه‌ی رنج بود ** نه ز عقل روشن چون گنج بود
  • That contrition was the result of pain, not of Reason which is bright as a treasure.
  • چونک شد رنج آن ندامت شد عدم ** می‌نیرزد خاک آن توبه و ندم
  • When the pain departed, that contrition became naught: that repentance and contrition hath not the worth (even) of dust.
  • آن ندم از ظلمت غم بست بار ** پس کلام اللیل یمحوه النهار
  • That contrition burgeoned from (was produced by) the darkness of pain; hence (as the proverb says) day wipes out the words of night
  • چون برفت آن ظلمت غم گشت خوش ** هم رود از دل نتیجه و زاده‌اش
  • When the darkness of pain is gone and he (the fool) has be come happy, its result and product also goes from his heart.
  • می‌کند او توبه و پیر خرد ** بانگ لو ردوا لعادوا می‌زند 2300
  • He is making vow’s of repentance, whilst the Pír, Reason, is crying, “Though they should be sent back, they would surely return.”
  • در بیان آنک وهم قلب عقلست و ستیزه‌ی اوست بدو ماند و او نیست و قصه‌ی مجاوبات موسی علیه‌السلام کی صاحب عقل بود با فرعون کی صاحب وهم بود
  • Explaining that imagination (wahm) is the counterfeit of Reason and in opposition to it, and that though it resembles Reason it is not Reason; and the story of the replies given to each other by Moses, on whom be peace, who was the possessor of Reason, and Pharaoh, who was the possessor of imagination.
  • عقل ضد شهوتست ای پهلوان ** آنک شهوت می‌تند عقلش مخوان
  • Reason is the contrary of sensuality: O brave man, do not call (by the name of) Reason that which is attached to sensuality.
  • وهم خوانش آنک شهوت را گداست ** وهم قلب نقد زر عقلهاست
  • That which is a beggar of sensuality—call it imagination: imagination is the counterfeit of the sterling gold of the rational faculties.