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  • این سخن در سینه دخل مغزهاست  ** در خموشی مغز جان را صد نماست  1175
  • These words, (whilst they stay) in the breast, are an income consisting of (spiritual) kernels: in silence the spiritual kernel grows a hundredfold.
  • چون بیامد در زبان شد خرج مغز  ** خرج کم کن تا بماند مغز نغز 
  • When it (the word) comes on to the tongue, the kernel is expended: refrain from expending, in order that the goodly kernel may remain (with you).
  • مرد کم گوینده را فکرست زفت  ** قشر گفتن چون فزون شد مغز رفت 
  • The man who speaks little hath strong thoughts: when the husk, namely speech, becomes excessive, the kernel goes.
  • پوست افزون بود لاغر بود مغز  ** پوست لاغر شد چو کامل گشت و نغز 
  • (When) the rind is excessive, the kernel is thin: the rind becomes thin when it (the kernel) becomes perfect and goodly.
  • بنگر این هر سه ز خامی رسته را  ** جوز را و لوز را و پسته را 
  • Look at these three (fruits) when they have passed beyond immaturity: the walnut and the almond and the pistachio.
  • هر که او عصیان کند شیطان شود  ** که حسود دولت نیکان شود  1180
  • Whoever disobeys (God) becomes a devil, for he becomes envious of the fortune of the righteous.
  • چونک در عهد خدا کردی وفا  ** از کرم عهدت نگه دارد خدا 
  • When you have acted loyally in (keeping) your covenant with God, God will graciously keep His covenant with you.
  • از وفای حق تو بسته دیده‌ای  ** اذکروا اذکرکم نشنیده‌ای 
  • You have shut your eyes to keeping faith with God, you have not hearkened to (the words) remember Me, I will remember you.
  • گوش نه اوفوا به عهدی گوش‌دار  ** تا که اوفی عهدکم آید ز یار 
  • Give ear, listen to (the words) keep My covenant, in order that (the words) I will keep your covenant may come from the Friend.
  • عهد و قرض ما چه باشد ای حزین  ** هم‌چو دانه‌ی خشک کشتن در زمین 
  • What is our covenant and loan, O sorrowful one? (It is) like sowing a dry seed in the earth.