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  • زیر لب گفت این نهان کرد از کنیز  ** داشتش آن دم چو بی‌جرمان عزیز 
  • This she said under her breath and concealed (her thought) from the maid: at that moment she treated her, like innocent persons, honourably.
  • بعد از آن گفتش که چادر نه به سر  ** رو فلان خانه ز من پیغام بر 
  • Afterwards she said to her, “Put the chádar on your head, go and take a message from me to such and such a house.
  • این چنین گو وین چنین کن وآنچنان  ** مختصر کردم من افسانه‌ی زنان 
  • Say so-and-so and do so-and-so.” I abridge the talk of the women.
  • آنچ مقصودست مغز آن بگیر  ** چون براهش کرد آن زال ستیر  1360
  • Take the gist of what is to the purpose. When the discreet old woman had sent her (the maid) away,
  • بود از مستی شهوت شادمان  ** در فرو بست و همی‌گفت آن زمان 
  • Propter ebrietatem libidinis gaudebat: she shut the door, saying meanwhile, [She was happy from the intoxication of (her) lust: she shut the door, saying meanwhile,]
  • یافتم خلوت زنم از شکر بانگ  ** رسته‌ام از چار دانگ و از دو دانگ 
  • “I have secured privacy, I will shout in thanksgiving: I am delivered from the four dángs and the two dángs.”
  • از طرب گشته بزان زن هزار  ** در شرار شهوت خر بی‌قرار 
  • Gaudio hircus (prurigo) feminae quae in igne libidinis asini inquieta erat mille factus est. [From joy, the woman’s goat (of lust) had become a thousand (-fold); (she became) restless in the sparks of the ass’s lust.]
  • چه بزان که آن شهوت او را بز گرفت  ** بز گرفتن گیج را نبود شگفت 
  • Qualis hircus est ille quem tanta libido ludibrium fecit? Stultum deludi non est mirabile. [What goat (was) that?—for lust took her goat (made a fool of her). The taking of a fool’s goat is not (something) amazing.]
  • میل شهوت کر کند دل را و کور  ** تا نماید خر چو یوسف نار نور  1365
  • Lustful desire makes the heart deaf and blind, so that an ass seems like Joseph, fire (like) light.
  • ای بسا سرمست نار و نارجو  ** خویشتن را نور مطلق داند او 
  • Oh, many a one intoxicated with fire and seeking fire deems himself absolute light.