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  • بی‌کلید این در گشادن راه نیست  ** بی‌طلب نان سنت الله نیست 
  • Without the key there is no way to open the door: bread without endeavour is not (according to) God's law.”
  • جواب گفتن خر روباه را 
  • How the ass answered the fox.
  • گفت از ضعف توکل باشد آن  ** ورنه بدهد نان کسی که داد جان 
  • He (the ass) replied, “That is (the result) of weak faith; else He who gave (us) life (also) gives (us) bread.
  • هر که جوید پادشاهی و ظفر  ** کم نیاید لقمه‌ی نان ای پسر 
  • Whoever seeks (spiritual) sovereignty and victory, a mouthful of bread will not fail (him), O son.
  • دام و دد جمله همه اکال رزق  ** نه پی کسپ‌اند نه حمال رزق  2390
  • All wild animals, both the herbivorous and the predatory, are devourers of the (Divine) provision: they neither go in quest of work (to get a livelihood) nor do they support (the burden of) providing (for themselves).
  • جمله را رزاق روزی می‌دهد  ** قسمت هر یک به پیشش می‌نهد 
  • The Provider gives their daily bread to all: He lays before each one the portion allotted to him.
  • رزق آید پیش هر که صبر جست  ** رنج کوششها ز بی‌صبری تست 
  • The (Divine) provision comes to every one who seeks (to show) patience: the trouble of making efforts arises from your want of patience.”
  • جواب گفتن روبه خر را 
  • How the fox answered the ass.
  • گفت روبه آن توکل نادرست  ** کم کسی اندر توکل ماهرست 
  • The fox replied, “Such trust in God is exceptional: few are proficient in (the practice of) trust in God.
  • گرد نادر گشتن از نادانی است  ** هر کسی را کی ره سلطانی است 
  • ’Tis (a mark of) ignorance to concern one's self with the exceptional: how is the King's highway (available) for every one?
  • چون قناعت را پیمبر گنج گفت  ** هر کسی را کی رسد گنج نهفت  2395
  • Since the Prophet hath said that contentment is a treasure, how should the hidden treasure be gained by every one?
  • حد خود بشناس و بر بالا مپر  ** تا نیفتی در نشیب شور و شر 
  • Recognise your (proper) limit and do not fly aloft, lest you fall into the abyss of woe and bane.”
  • جواب گفتن خر روباه را 
  • How the ass answered the fox.