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  • گر بیاید سیل و رخت تو برد  ** هیچ با سیل آورد کینی خرد 
  • (On the contrary), if a flood come and sweep away your household goods, will your reason bear any enmity towards the flood?
  • ور بیامد باد و دستارت ربود  ** کی ترا با باد دل خشمی نمود 
  • And if the wind came and carried off your turban, when did your heart show any anger against the wind?
  • خشم در تو شد بیان اختیار  ** تا نگویی جبریانه اعتذار 
  • The anger within you is a clear demonstration of (the existence of) a power of choice (in Man), so that you must not excuse yourself after the fashion of Necessitarians.
  • گر شتربان اشتری را می‌زند  ** آن شتر قصد زننده می‌کند  3050
  • If a camel-driver goes on striking a camel, the camel will attack the striker.
  • خشم اشتر نیست با آن چوب او  ** پس ز مختاری شتر بردست بو 
  • The camel's anger is not (directed) against his stick: therefore the camel has got some notion of the power of choice (in Man).
  • هم‌چنین سگ گر برو سنگی زنی  ** بر تو آرد حمله گردد منثنی 
  • Similarly a dog, if you throw a stone at him, will rush at you and become contorted (with fury).
  • سنگ را گر گیرد از خشم توست  ** که تو دوری و ندارد بر تو دست 
  • If he seize the stone, ’tis because of his anger against you; for you are far off and he has no means of getting at you.
  • عقل حیوانی چو دانست اختیار  ** این مگو ای عقل انسان شرم دار 
  • Since the animal intelligence is conscious of the power of choice (in Man), do not thou, O human intelligence, hold this (Necessitarian doctrine). Be ashamed!
  • روشنست این لیکن از طمع سحور  ** آن خورنده چشم می‌بندد ز نور  3055
  • This (power of choice) is manifest, but in his desire for the meal taken before dawn that (greedy) eater shuts his eyes to the light.
  • چونک کلی میل او نان خوردنیست  ** رو به تاریکی نهد که روز نیست 
  • Since all his desire is for eating bread, he sets his face towards the darkness, saying, ‘It is not (yet) day.’