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  • تا توانم من درین خشکی کشید  ** مر ترا نک شد سر رشته پدید 
  • That I may be able to pull thee to this dry land: lo, the end of the string (the object of my plan) is (now) clear (to thee).”
  • تلخ آمد بر دل چغز این حدیث  ** که مرا در عقده آرد این خبیث 
  • This news (proposal) was disagreeable to the heart of the frog, (who thought to himself), “This wicked fellow will bring me into a tangle.”
  • هر کراهت در دل مرد بهی  ** چون در آید از فنی نبود تهی 
  • Whenever a feeling of repugnance comes into the heart of a good man, ’tis not devoid of some significance.
  • وصف حق دان آن فراست را نه وهم  ** نور دل از لوح کل کردست فهم 
  • Deem that (intuitive) sagacity to be a Divine attribute, not a (vain) suspicion: the light of the heart has apprehended (by intuitive perception) from the Universal Tablet.
  • امتناع پیل از سیران ببیت  ** با جد آن پیلبان و بانگ هیت  2745
  • (For example) the refusal of the Elephant to march against the House (of Allah) notwithstanding the driver's efforts and cries of “Come on!”
  • جانب کعبه نرفتی پای پیل  ** با همه لت نه کثیر و نه قلیل 
  • In spite of all blows the Elephant's feet would not move, either much or little, towards the Ka‘ba.
  • گفتیی خود خشک شد پاهای او  ** یا بمرد آن جان صول‌افزای او 
  • You would have said that its legs were paralysed or that its impetuous spirit was dead.
  • چونک کردندی سرش سوی یمن  ** پیل نر صد اسپه گشتی گام‌زن 
  • (But) whenever they turned its head towards Yemen, the fierce Elephant would begin to stride (forward) with the speed of a hundred horses.
  • حس پیل از زخم غیب آگاه بود  ** چون بود حس ولی با ورود 
  • (Since) the Elephant's perception was aware of the blow (coming) from the Unseen, how (much more) must the perception of the saint (endowed) with (the Divine) afflatus be (aware)!
  • نه که یعقوب نبی آن پاک‌خو  ** بهر یوسف با همه اخوان او  2750
  • Is it not (the case) that the prophet Jacob, that man of holy nature, (said) for Joseph's sake to all his (Joseph's) brethren—