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  • چون سگی بانگی بزد از سوی راست  ** گفت می‌گوید که سلطان با شماست 
  • When a dog barked on the right, (one of them) said, “It says ‘The Sultan is with you.’”
  • خاک بو کرد آن دگر از ربوه‌ای  ** گفت این هست از وثاق بیوه‌ای 
  • Another smelt the ground from (the top of) a hill and said, “This belongs to the house of a widow.”
  • پس کمند انداخت استاد کمند  ** تا شدند آن سوی دیوار بلند 
  • Then the skilful master of the lasso threw his lasso, so that (by means of it) they got over the lofty wall.
  • جای دیگر خاک را چون بوی کرد  ** گفت خاک مخزن شاهیست فرد  2845
  • When he (the thief who had previously smelt from the hill) smelt the earth in this other place, he said, “’Tis the earth (site) of the treasury of a peerless king.”
  • نقب‌زن زد نقب در مخزن رسید  ** هر یکی از مخزن اسبابی کشید 
  • The tunneller made a tunnel and reached the treasury: every one carried off some goods from the treasury.
  • بس زر و زربفت و گوهرهای زفت  ** قوم بردند و نهان کردند تفت 
  • The band took away much gold and gold-embroidered cloth and big pearls and quickly concealed them.
  • شه معین دید منزل‌گاهشان  ** حلیه و نام و پناه و راهشان 
  • The King saw distinctly their lodging-place and (noticed) their personal appearance and names and (where they took) refuge and (what) way (they went).
  • خویش را دزدید ازیشان بازگشت  ** روز در دیوان بگفت آن سرگذشت 
  • He stole away from them and returned (to the palace), and (next) day related his adventure (to the ministers) in council.
  • پس روان گشتند سرهنگان مست  ** تا که دزدان را گرفتند و ببست  2850
  • Thereupon furious officers rushed away to arrest and pinion the thieves.