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  • در میان جانشان بود آن سمی  ** لک قاصد کرده خود را اعجمی 
  • That exalted (monarch) was in the midst (depths) of their souls, but he had purposely feigned to be unfamiliar (with them).
  • صورت آتش بود پایان دیگ  ** معنی آتش بود در جان دیگ 
  • The form (appearance) of the fire is beneath the kettle; the spirit (reality) of the fire is in the soul of the kettle.
  • صورتش بیرون و معنیش اندرون  ** معنی معشوق جان در رگ چو خون  4400
  • Its form is outside and its spirit inside: the spirit (real nature) of the soul's Beloved is (in the soul) like blood in the veins.
  • شاه‌زاده پیش شه زانو زده  ** ده معرف شارح حالش شده 
  • The prince knelt before the King, (while) ten announcers gave a description of his state.
  • گرچه شه عارف بد از کل پیش پیش  ** لیک می‌کردی معرف کار خویش 
  • Although the King knew it all long ago, yet the announcer was performing the duties of his office.
  • در درون یک ذره نور عارفی  ** به بود از صد معرف ای صفی 
  • O sincere man, a single atom of the light of (mystic) knowledge within (thee) is better than a hundred announcers.
  • گوش را رهن معرف داشتن  ** آیت محجوبیست و حزر و ظن 
  • To confine one's attention to the announcer is a mark of being debarred (from access to real knowledge) and of (being preoccupied with) conjecture and (mere) opinion.
  • آنک او را چشم دل شد دیدبان  ** دید خواهد چشم او عین العیان  4405
  • He whose scout is his inward eye—his eye will behold with the very acme of clairvoyance.
  • با تواتر نیست قانع جان او  ** بل ز چشم دل رسد ایقان او 
  • His soul is not content with traditional authority; nay, his feeling of (absolute) certainty comes from the inward eye.
  • پس معرف پیش شاه منتجب  ** در بیان حال او بگشود لب 
  • Then the announcer opened his lips to describe his (the eldest brother's) plight in the presence of the elect King.