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  • The purpose of this (severe) discipline and this rough treatment is that the furnace may extract the dross from the silver.
  • بهر آن است این ریاضت وین جفا ** تا بر آرد کوره از نقره جفا
  • The testing of good and bad is in order that the gold may boil and bring the scum to the top.
  • بهر آن است امتحان نیک و بد ** تا بجوشد بر سر آرد زر زبد
  • If his act were not the inspiration of God, he would have been a dog that rends (its prey), not a king.
  • گر نبودی کارش الهام اله ** او سگی بودی دراننده نه شاه‌‌
  • He was unstained by lust and covetousness and passion: (what) he did (was) good, but good that wore the aspect of evil. 235
  • پاک بود از شهوت و حرص و هوا ** نیک کرد او لیک نیک بد نما
  • If Khadir stove the boat in the sea, (yet) in Khadir's staving there are a hundred rightnesses.
  • گر خضر در بحر کشتی را شکست ** صد درستی در شکست خضر هست‌‌
  • The imagination of Moses, notwithstanding his (spiritual) illumination and excellence, was screened from (the comprehension of) that (act of Khadir). Do not thou fly without wings!
  • وهم موسی با همه نور و هنر ** شد از آن محجوب، تو بی‌‌پر مپر
  • That (deed of the king) is a red rose (worthy of praise); do not call it blood (murder). He is intoxicated with Reason; do not call him a madman.
  • آن گل سرخ است تو خونش مخوان ** مست عقل است او تو مجنونش مخوان‌‌
  • Had it been his desire to shed the blood of a Moslem, I am an infidel if I would have mentioned his name (with praise).
  • گر بدی خون مسلمان کام او ** کافرم گر بردمی من نام او
  • The highest heaven trembles at praise of the wicked, and by praise of him the devout man is moved to think evil. 240
  • می‌‌بلرزد عرش از مدح شقی ** بد گمان گردد ز مدحش متقی‌‌
  • He was a king and a very heedful king; he was elect and the elect (favourite) of God.
  • شاه بود و شاه بس آگاه بود ** خاص بود و خاصه‌‌ی الله بود