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  • O Lord, grant us according to our desire such discernment that we may know the false indication from the true.
  • یا رب آن تمییز ده ما را به خواست ** تا شناسیم آن نشان کژ ز راست‌‌
  • Do you know how the sense-perception becomes discerning? In this way, that the sense-perception should be seeing by the light of God.
  • حس را تمییز دانی چون شود ** آن که حس ینظر بنور الله بود
  • And if there be no effect (outward sign), the cause too makes manifest (that which is hidden), as (for example) kinship gives information concerning love (enables you to infer the presence of love). 2635
  • ور اثر نبود سبب هم مظهر است ** همچو خویشی کز محبت مخبر است‌‌
  • He to whom the light of God has become a guide is not a slave to effects or causes—
  • نبود آن که نور حقش شد امام ** مر اثر را یا سببها را غلام‌‌
  • Or (if he is a slave to them) Love will throw a spark within, wax mighty, and make (the illumined one) independent of effect.
  • یا محبت در درون شعله زند ** زفت گردد وز اثر فارغ کند
  • He has no need to make love known (by means of secondary causes and visible effects), since Love has shot its radiance over the sky (of his heart).
  • حاجتش نبود پی اعلام مهر ** چون محبت نور خود زد بر سپهر
  • There are detailed explanations (which I could give) in order to complete this subject; but seek them (for yourself), and (now) farewell.
  • هست تفصیلات تا گردد تمام ** این سخن لیکن بجو تو و السلام‌‌
  • Although the inner meaning is visible in this outward form, the form is (both) near to the meaning and far (from it). 2640
  • گر چه شد معنی در این صورت پدید ** صورت از معنی قریب است و بعید
  • In regard to indication, they (the meaning and the form) are like the sap and the tree; (but) when you turn to the quiddity, they are very far (removed from each other).
  • در دلالت همچو آب‌‌اند و درخت ** چون به ماهیت روی دورند سخت‌‌
  • (Let me) take leave of quiddities and essential properties, and relate what happened to those twain with faces like the moon.
  • ترک ماهیات و خاصیات گو ** شرح کن احوال آن دو ماهرو
  • How the Arab set his heart on (complying with) his beloved's request and swore that in thus submitting (to her) he had no (idea of) trickery and making trial (of her).
  • دل نهادن عرب بر التماس دل بر خویش و سوگند خوردن که در این تسلیم مرا حیلتی و امتحانی نیست‌‌