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  • And if you wish (to find) a way out of this ruined prison, do not turn your head away from the Beloved, but bow in worship and draw nigh.
  • ور رهی خواهی ازین سجن خرب ** سر مکش از دوست و اسجد و اقترب‌‌
  • The remainder of the story of Zayd (and what he said) in answer to the Prophet, on whom be peace.
  • بقیه‌‌ی قصه‌‌ی زید در جواب رسول علیه السلام‌‌
  • This discourse hath no end. “Arise, O Zayd, and tie a shackle on the Buráq (steed) of thy rational spirit.
  • این سخن پایان ندارد خیز زید ** بر براق ناطقه بر بند قید
  • Since the rational spirit exposes faults, it is rending the curtains of concealment.
  • ناطقه چون فاضح آمد عیب را ** می‌‌دراند پرده‌‌های غیب را
  • Concealment is desired by God for awhile. Drive away this drummer, bar the road! 3610
  • غیب مطلوب حق آمد چند گاه ** این دهل‌‌زن را بران بر بند راه‌‌
  • Do not gallop, draw rein, ’tis better it (the mystery) should be veiled; 'tis better that every one should be gladdened by his own fancy.
  • تک مران در کش عنان مستور به ** هر کس از پندار خود مسرور به‌‌
  • God is wishing that even His despairing ones should not avert their faces (refrain) from this worship (of Him).
  • حق همی‌‌خواهد که نومیدان او ** زین عبادت هم نگردانند رو
  • Even on the ground of a hope they become ennobled: for a few days (a short time) they are running at its stirrup (following Divine worship).
  • هم به اومیدی مشرف می‌‌شوند ** چند روزی در رکابش می‌‌دوند
  • He wishes that that mercy should shine upon all, on the evil and the good, because of the universality of His mercy.
  • خواهد آن رحمت بتابد بر همه ** بر بد و نیک از عموم مرحمه‌‌
  • God is wishing that every prince and captive should be hopeful and fearful and afraid. 3615
  • حق همی‌‌خواهد که هر میر و اسیر ** با رجا و خوف باشند و حذیر
  • This hope and fear are in the veil (separating the seen from the unseen), that they may be fostered behind this veil.
  • این رجا و خوف در پرده بود ** تا پس این پرده پرورده شود