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  • Since the eye of the dim-sighted man could not bear the sunlight, the star became a candle to him, that he might find the way. 3655
  • چشم اعمش چون که خور را بر نتافت ** اختر او را شمع شد تا ره بیافت‌‌
  • How the Prophet, on whom be peace, said to Zayd, “Do not tell this mystery more plainly than this, and take care to comply (with the religious law).”
  • گفتن پیغامبر علیه السلام مر زید را که این سر را فاش تر از این مگو و متابعت نگاه دار
  • The Prophet said, “My Companions are (like) the stars, a candle to travellers (on the Way), and meteors to be cast at the devils.”
  • گفت پیغمبر که اصحابی نجوم ** رهروان را شمع و شیطان را رجوم‌‌
  • If every one had the eye and the strength to receive light from the sun of heaven,
  • هر کسی را گر بدی آن چشم و زور ** کاو گرفتی ز آفتاب چرخ نور
  • O base man, how would the star be needed to demonstrate the (existence of) sunlight?
  • کی ستاره حاجت استی ای ذلیل ** که بدی بر نور خورشید او دلیل‌‌
  • The Moon (the Prophet) is saying to earth and cloud and shadow, “I was a man, but it is revealed to me (that your God is one God).
  • ماه می‌‌گوید به خاک و ابر و فی ** من بشر بودم ولی یوحی الی‌‌
  • Like you, I was dark in my nature: the Sun's revelation gave me such a light as this. 3660
  • چون شما تاریک بودم در نهاد ** وحی خورشیدم چنین نوری بداد
  • I have a certain darkness in comparison with the (spiritual) suns, (but) I have light for the darknesses of (human) souls.
  • ظلمتی دارم به نسبت با شموس ** نور دارم بهر ظلمات نفوس‌‌
  • I am faint (less bright than the Sun) in order that thou mayst be able to bear (my beams), for thou art not the man for (a man who can bear) the most radiant Sun.
  • ز آن ضعیفم تا تو تابی آوری ** که نه مرد آفتاب انوری‌‌
  • I was woven (mingled) together, like honey and vinegar, that I might find the way to (cure) sickness of heart.
  • همچو شهد و سرکه در هم بافتم ** تا سوی رنج جگر ره یافتم‌‌
  • Since thou hast recovered from thine illness, O thou (that wert) in thrall (to it), leave the vinegar and continue to eat the honey.”
  • چون ز علت وارهیدی ای رهین ** سرکه را بگذار و می‌‌خور انگبین‌‌