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  • When the herd has turned back from (after) going down to water, the goat that was the leader (now) falls behind (becomes the hindmost),
  • چونک واگردید گله از ورود ** پس فتد آن بز که پیش آهنگ بود
  • And the lame hindmost goat is now in front: the return caused the faces to laugh of them that were frowning (before). 1120
  • پیش افتد آن بز لنگ پسین ** اضحک الرجعی وجوه العابسین
  • How did this party (the prophets and saints) become lame and give up glory and purchase ignominy in vain?
  • از گزافه کی شدند این قوم لنگ ** فخر را دادند و بخریدند ننگ
  • This party go on the pilgrimage (to Reality) with broken legs, (because) there is a secret way from straitness to ease.
  • پا شکسته می‌روند این قوم حج ** از حرج راهیست پنهان تا فرج
  • This company washed their hearts (clean) of (the exoteric) kinds of knowledge, because this knowledge does not know that Way.
  • دل ز دانشها بشستند این فریق ** زانک این دانش نداند آن طریق
  • (In order to tread this Way) one needs a knowledge whereof the root is Yonder, inasmuch as every branch is a guide to its root.
  • دانشی باید که اصلش زان سرست ** زانک هر فرعی به اصلش رهبرست
  • How should every wing fly across the breadth of the Sea? (Only) the esoteric knowledge will bear (thee) to the Presence (of God). 1125
  • هر پری بر عرض دریا کی پرد ** تا لدن علم لدنی می‌برد
  • Why, then, should you teach a man the knowledge of which it behoves him to purify his breast?
  • پس چرا علمی بیاموزی به مرد ** کش بباید سینه را زان پاک کرد
  • Therefore do not seek to be in front: be lame on this side, and be the leader at the moment of return.
  • پس مجو پیشی ازین سر لنگ باش ** وقت وا گشتن تو پیش آهنگ باش
  • O clever one, be thou (according to the Prophet's saying, “We are) the hindmost and the foremost”: the fresh fruit is prior to the tree.
  • آخرون السابقون باش ای ظریف ** بر شجر سابق بود میوه‌ی طریف