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  • The rod quivered upon itself in such wise (that) both (magicians) on the spot became petrified by the shock (of terror).
  • آنچنان بر خود بلرزید آن عصا ** کان دو بر جا خشک گشتند از وجا
  • After that, it turned into a dragon and made a rush (at them): both fled, and pale of countenance
  • بعد از آن شد اژدها و حمله کرد ** هر دوان بگریختند و روی‌زرد
  • Began to fall on their faces from affright, tumbling panic-stricken down every slope.
  • رو در افتادن گرفتند از نهیب ** غلط غلطان منهزم در هر نشیب
  • Then to them it became certain that he (Moses) was from Heaven, since they were seeing the limit of (the power of) magicians. 1235
  • پس یقینشان شد که هست از آسمان ** زانک می‌دیدند حد ساحران
  • Afterwards diarrhoea and fever appeared in them, and their case reached the last gasp and the death-agony.
  • بعد از آن اطلاق و تبشان شد پدید ** کارشان تا نزع و جان کندن رسید
  • Then at once they sent a man to Moses to excuse that (which they had done),
  • پس فرستادند مردی در زمان ** سوی موسی از برای عذر آن
  • Saying, “We have put (thee) to the test, and how should (the thought of) testing thee occur to us unless there be envy (as a motive)?
  • کامتحان کردیم و ما را کی رسد ** امتحان تو اگر نبود حسد
  • We are sinners against the King (God): do thou crave pardon for us, O thou that art the elect of the elect of the Court of God.”
  • مجرم شاهیم ما را عفو خواه ** ای تو خاص الخاص درگاه اله
  • He pardoned (them), and at once they became well; they were striking their heads upon the earth (prostrating themselves) in the presence of Moses. 1240
  • عفو کرد و در زمان نیکو شدند ** پیش موسی بر زمین سر می‌زدند
  • Moses said, “I pardon (you), O nobles: your bodies and souls have become unlawful to (immune from) Hell.
  • گفت موسی عفو کردم ای کرام ** گشت بر دوزخ تن و جانتان حرام