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  • If in dream you see yourself (cut) in two halves, you are sound in body when you rise, not sick.
  • از ره تقلید تو کردی قبول ** سالکان این دیده پیدا بی رسول
  • The sum (of the matter is this): in dreams it is no harm for the body to be maimed or to be torn into two hundred pieces.
  • روز در خوابی مگو کین خواب نیست ** سایه فرعست اصل جز مهتاب نیست
  • The Prophet said of this world, which is substantial in appearance, that it is the sleeper's dream.
  • خواب و بیداریت آن دان ای عضد ** که ببیند خفته کو در خواب شد
  • You have accepted this (statement) conventionally, (but) the travellers (on the mystic Way) have beheld this (truth) clairvoyantly, without (relation from) the Prophet.
  • او گمان برده که این دم خفته‌ام ** بی‌خبر زان کوست درخواب دوم
  • You are asleep in the daytime: do not say that this is not sleep. The shadow (reflexion) is derivative, the origin (of it) is naught but the moonlight. 1735
  • هاون گردون اگر صد بارشان ** خرد کوبد اندرین گلزارشان
  • Know, O comrade, that your sleep and waking (your life in this world) is as though a sleeper should dream that he has gone to sleep.
  • اصل این ترکیب را چون دیده‌اند ** از فروع وهم کم ترسیده‌اند
  • He thinks, “Now I am asleep,” (and is) unaware that he is (really) in the second sleep.
  • سایه‌ی خود را ز خود دانسته‌اند ** چابک و چست و گش و بر جسته‌اند
  • If the potter break a pot, he himself will restore it (to a perfect state) when he wishes.
  • کوزه‌گر گر کوزه‌ای را بشکند ** چون بخواهد باز خود قایم کند
  • The blind man at every step is afraid of (falling into) the pit: he walks on the road with a thousand fears;
  • کور را هر گام باشد ترس چاه ** با هزاران ترس می‌آید براه
  • (But) the seeing man has seen the width of the road, so he knows (all about) the hole and the pit; 1740
  • مرد بینا دید عرض راه را ** پس بداند او مغاک و چاه را