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  • Beside those lights the daylight was (murky as) dregs: by their intensity they were obliterating (all other) lights.
  • پیش آن انوار نور روز درد ** از صلابت نورها را می‌سترد
  • How those candles now became seven trees.
  • باز شدن آن شمعها هفت درخت
  • Then each man assumed the shape of a tree: my eye was happy in their greenery.
  • باز هر یک مرد شد شکل درخت ** چشمم از سبزی ایشان نیکبخت
  • On account of the denseness of the leaves no boughs were visible; the leaves too had become scant (had almost vanished) on account of the plenteous fruit.
  • زانبهی برگ پیدا نیست شاخ ** برگ هم گم گشته از میوه‌ی فراخ
  • Every tree had thrown its boughs above the Sidra: what of the Sidra? They had reached beyond the Void. 2005
  • هر درختی شاخ بر سدره زده ** سدره چه بود از خلا بیرون شده
  • The root of each (tree) had gone (down) into the bottom of the earth: assuredly it was lower than the Ox and the Fish.
  • بیخ هر یک رفته در قعر زمین ** زیرتر از گاو و ماهی بد یقین
  • Their roots were more smiling of face than the boughs: the intellect (was turned) upside down (confused and bewildered) by their shapes.
  • بیخشان از شاخ خندان‌روی‌تر ** عقل از آن اشکالشان زیر و زبر
  • From the fruit that was bursting forcibly flashes of light would spurt forth, like juice.
  • میوه‌ای که بر شکافیدی ز زور ** همچو آب از میوه جستی برق نور
  • How those trees were invisible to the people.
  • مخفی بودن آن درختان ازچشم خلق
  • More wondrous (than all else) was this, that hundreds of thousands of people were passing through the desert and plain beside them,
  • این عجب‌تر که بریشان می‌گذشت ** صد هزاران خلق از صحرا و دشت
  • Hazarding their lives (ready to sacrifice everything) in desire for shade, and making a parasol out of a woollen garment, 2010
  • ز آرزوی سایه جان می‌باختند ** از گلیمی سایه‌بان می‌ساختند
  • And not seeing the shade of those (trees) at all. A hundred spittings on (such) distorted eyes!
  • سایه‌ی آن را نمی‌دیدند هیچ ** صد تفو بر دیده‌های پیچ پیچ