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  • (As regards) that (apologue) which they attached to the hare and the elephant, so that they confused (the dispensation of) eternity with (mere) tricks,
  • آنچ در خرگوش و پیل آویختند ** تا ازل را با حیل آمیختند
  • [Explaining that it is not seemly for every one to adduce parables, especially concerning Divine actions.]
  • بیان آنک هر کس را نرسد مثل آوردن خاصه در کار الهی
  • How is it seemly for you to make these similitudes and cast them at (apply them to) that holy Court? 2785
  • کی رسدتان این مثلها ساختن ** سوی آن درگاه پاک انداختن
  • That use of similitudes belongs to the Lord, for He is the (sole) authority for the knowledge of the hidden and the manifest.
  • آن مثل آوردن آن حضرتست ** که بعلم سر و جهر او آیتست
  • What dost thou know of the hidden nature of anything, that thou, baldpate, shouldst use a lock of hair or a cheek as similitudes?
  • تو چه دانی سر چیزی تا تو کل ** یا به زلفی یا به رخ آری مثل
  • A Moses deemed that (wood) a rod, but it was not (a rod): it was a dragon: its hidden nature was opening its lips (revealing itself).
  • موسیی آن را عصا دید و نبود ** اژدها بد سر او لب می‌گشود
  • Inasmuch as such a (spiritual) king knows not the hidden nature of wood, how shouldst thou know the hidden nature of this snare and bait?
  • چون چنان شاهی نداند سر چوب ** تو چه دانی سر این دام و حبوب
  • Since the eye of Moses was at fault in the similitude, how should a meddling mouse find an entrance (to perception of the truth)? 2790
  • چون غلط شد چشم موسی در مثل ** چون کند موشی فضولی مدخل
  • He (God) will make that comparison of thine a dragon, that in answer it may tear thee to pieces.
  • آن مثالت را چو اژدرها کند ** تا به پاسخ جزو جزوت بر کند
  • The accursed Iblís used this (kind of) comparison, so that he fell under God's curse till the Day of Judgement.
  • این مثال آورد ابلیس لعین ** تا که شد ملعون حق تا یوم دین
  • Qárún (Korah) from contumacy used this (kind of) comparison, so that he sank down into the earth with his throne and diadem.
  • این مثال آورد قارون از لجاج ** تا فرو شد در زمین با تخت و تاج